The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1517



        The four East Demon had actually thought of that possibility in their hearts.

        But this is their apprentice!

        They are obsessed.

        Unwilling to believe all this.

        Now as soon as I hear that the apprentices want to tell the truth.

        They panicked.

        Even Messiah panicked.

        Did they see the wrong person?


        “We say it all! Everything is our fault!”..

        Little Junshen burst into tears with his nose and tears.

        Everyone: “…”.

        At this moment, Erudia was silent again.

        Billions of people clenched their fists tightly.

        “Say! Tell the truth!”

        Messiah high-level scolded.

        “I said, I said it all!”

        Dongju wiped his cold sweat.

        “In fact, in the first battle of the Tianshan Base, the combined attack technique had no effect on the Northern Demons! He was three times stronger 

than before! We are not his opponents at all!”


        Everyone was shocked.

        The North Devil is really three times stronger than before?

        This this this…

        At this moment, everyone is going to collapse.

        That is the feeling of overthrowing one’s faith.

        Uncomfortable, even shortness of breath.

        The hero that everyone loves is not the one who killed the North Demon?

        “We were afraid of death, so we ran away! But the North Demon can catch up with us at any time. In order to extend the escape time, we let the death 

squad act as a meat shield to block the North Demon!”

        “What? You are really angry! That’s all your compatriots! They are the death squad, not the death squad!”

        Hearing this, everyone was furious.

        Thousands of people were used as cannon fodder in order to escape.

        What a shame!

        “go on!!!”

        Everyone gritted their teeth.

        “It was not us who defeated the North Devil, but someone else! We witnessed half of the battles!”

        “who is it?”

        Everyone looked at them anxiously.

        “We don’t know who that person is, but he is very powerful! In the end the two died together and fell into the quicksand!”

        “At that time, tens of thousands of troops arrived. At this point, we can only say that we killed the North Demon! We dare not admit that we are 

deserters, and even thousands of death squads have been pitted!”

        “In order to make everyone believe that we eliminated the Northern Devil, we will kill everyone who witnessed that battle!”

        A senior Messiah asked immediately: “So you killed all the prisoners?”


        “Then you decided that the 30-odd death squad members who passed by were deserters? Want to kill them?”

        “Well, that’s it! One of them has been killed by us!”

        “You are forcing the other people in the death squad to prove for you that you killed the North Demon?”

        “Yeah. It does.”

        It’s time, everyone acknowledged everything.


        After knowing the truth, Erudia Wulong fell to the ground with a thud.

        For everyone, this is a heavy blow.

        The great hero in their minds that is unparalleled in the world, turned out to be such a person!


        Everyone has been deceived!

        The Four Little Dragons deceived Erudia by means!

        Messiah never saw the wrong person.

        It turned out to be wrong.

        Still a major mistake in history.

        Because the four little dragons are going to be crowned kings.

        Once the king is crowned, if it is exposed again, Erudia will become a joke.

        The reputation of the so-called great power will be wiped out!

        This is the most terrible!

        Erudia Wulong discovered that the one they didn’t understand was their apprentice.

        Everyone finally understands a simple and popular truth-truth is not necessarily in the hands of most people.

        At this moment, everyone was extremely uncomfortable.

        “Hahaha, I really laughed at me!”

        The North Devil laughed.

        “Erudia is a joke! Who can stop me?”


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