The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1519


        “Yeah, why did I forget him!”

        “Levi Garrison said before that the Northern Demon was killed by him! He even told the fact that the four little dragons were false credits, and it is not 

inferior to the truth! We wronged him!”

        Messiah’s face blushed.

        One of them asked, “Could it be that Levi Garrison really defeated the Northern Devil?”

        “How can you know so much if you are not yourself?”

        At this time, everyone remembered what Levi Garrison said before.

        He insisted on himself.

        Mostly it is.

        “By the way, more than 30 people from the death squad just said that it was Tang Mufeng who fought against the North Devil, and Tang Mufeng was 

pretending to be Levi Garrison!”

        At this time someone brought another message.

        “Okay, that’s great!” ..

        “Immediately pass the Messiah’s order-order King Levi Garrison to come and deal with the Northern Devil!”


        In the confinement room.

        Levi Garrison was still closing his eyes and resting.

        The guards outside have become a mess.

        Because everyone just heard about the reappearance of the North Demon.

        Everyone looked at Levi Garrison in unison.

        Thinking of Levi Garrison mentioned this matter just now, right?

        He also said that he was going to stop, but was stopped and locked up in the confinement room again.

        “The king of the word side by side is really accurate by you. The Northern Devil is still alive and is now in the capital!”

        Levi Garrison’s eyes were also open and said: “There is no word side by side here!”

        “Not long ago, I was an ordinary person!”

        Everyone: “…”.

        Everyone looked at each other.

        Not long ago, Messiah indeed cancelled Levi Garrison’s identity as the king of the word side by side.

        He is now an ordinary person.

        It is also being kept in the confinement room for reflection.


        “Stop talking, I’m reflecting, don’t bother me with anything!”

        Levi Garrison coldly refused.


        Everyone was dumbfounded.

        But don’t blame him.

        Blame them for doing too much.

        “Da da da……”

        At this time, a rush of footsteps sounded.

        The few people whom Messiah had given orders to hurriedly came to the confinement room.

        “One word side by side the king takes orders!”

        “This order is the Yanlong Order, one hundred thousand urgent!”

        “Erudia orders you to set off and go to Jiangjun Lake to kill the Northern Demon!”

        Several people passed the highest-level order to Levi Garrison’s ears.

        It’s just a dead silence in the field.

        Levi Garrison was still sitting in the confinement room with his eyes closed, and even his eyelids moved.

        Not to mention any response.

        Several people were dumbfounded.

        Seeing Levi Garrison like this, it seemed as if he hadn’t heard it at all.

        “Wake up the word side by side, are you awake? Don’t sleep!”

        “We are here to send orders, one hundred thousand urgent orders!”

        “At this moment, the Northern Devil is in Jiangjun Lake, our people can’t stop it, we need you to punish him!”


        Several people from Messiah deliberately raised their pitch to let Levi Garrison hear them.

        But Levi Garrison still didn’t react.

        I didn’t even listen to what they said!

        “What are you doing in a daze? Open the door quickly!”

        Messiah scolded.

        The guard next to him immediately opened the door of the confinement room, and several Yanlong Guards entered the confinement room.

        One of them couldn’t help but stepped forward and pushed Levi Garrison.

        Levi Garrison opened his eyes slowly, his face was full of discomfort and looked at a few people and asked: “What’s wrong with you?”

        “One word side by side the king takes the order! Order you to go to Jiangjun Lake to kill the Northern Demon! This order is extremely urgent! There 

can be no excuses to refuse!”

        Several people immediately gave the order.

        But Levi Garrison looked at a few people blankly: “Who is the king of the word side by side? I’m just an ordinary person!”


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