The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1520


        Levi Garrison said this.

        Several people were taken aback, and subconsciously said: “You are the king of the word side by side, what are you kidding?”

        Maybe the outside world does not know.

        But everyone inside knows that Levi Garrison is the king of the word side by side.

        “Yes, you are the king of the word side by side!”

        The other person also said.

        Levi Garrison laughed suddenly: “When did I, Levi Garrison, become king by one word? Are you kidding me?”


        Everyone was stunned, but still didn’t turn the corner.

        “Impossible, you must be one word side by side!”

        Everyone’s tone was full of firmness.

        “Just a few hours ago, you have disqualified me from being the king!”

        “Now I am not only an ordinary person! I am also locked up in a confinement room for reflection!”

        “I still said that, I’m not wrong with Levi Garrison!!!”

        Levi Garrison glanced at everyone and continued to close his eyes.


        Just now Messiah was dazzled by the Northern Demon, and then he realized it.

        Levi Garrison had been removed from his identity as the king of the word side by side!

        The key reason is that Levi Garrison said that he got rid of the Northern Demon, but no one believed it.

        Everyone is blinded by the four little dragons!

        They all thought that Levi Garrison was here to grab the credit, and even thought that he was angry and caused a major negligence-let the Avengers run 


        In the end, he was put into a confinement room, and he was asked to reflect, and he was also removed from the identity of the king.


        No one thought that what Levi Garrison said was true.

        He is the one who defeated the Northern Devil.

        The four little dragons and the few people are all fake.

        He even killed so many people…

        “Sorry, this incident was caused by Messiah’s major mistake, which led to this result!”

        “We will immediately restore you to the identity of the king of the word side by side. After all, at this moment, there is a rush, it is too late!”


        Everyone was anxious.

        But Levi Garrison smiled: “Is it so casual with the word side by side? If you want to remove it, you can remove it, and if you want to restore it, you can 

restore it?”

        “What’s more, what are your identities? It’s just to convey orders! Messiah, can you make this decision?”


        Several people were taken aback.

        Can’t help but talk.

        In Messiah, they are only the lowest level, and they usually convey orders.

        They can’t make decisions about this kind of thing.

        “But… But the Northern Demon is now in the capital, so no one can stop him?”

        The few people were very anxious, and all knelt to the ground with a thud.

        “I’m waiting to ask the king to go to Jiangjunhu to kill the Northern Demons. Now the hope of the entire capital and even the entire Erudia lies on you!”

        The other guards also knelt on the ground, begging Levi Garrison to go back.

        “Didn’t the four little dragons kill them once? Just let them go and find me an ordinary person? My shoulders are very fragile, and I can’t bear the 

hope of Erudia!”

        Levi Garrison sneered.


        Everyone knew that Levi Garrison was angry.

        After all, whoever bears such a big grievance will be angry.

        The whole world doesn’t believe you, thinks you are wrong.

        Also locked you up.

        Anyone has to collapse!

        “One word side by side, we are angry and angry, but now we are in a hurry, and we have to let go of personal emotions and grievances!”

        “You are not led by Erudia! Are you willing to do anything for Erudia?”

        Several people accompany with a smile.

        Levi Garrison suddenly smiled sadly: “I am dedicated to Erudia, but how does Erudia treat me?”

        “Faced with such a thing, are you reluctant to investigate it?”


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    Being a soldier and the same time savior of Erudia
    He should be acknowledged publicly

  3. very good admin at least you have shown a better thinking about levi garison.. what about messiah who is he? is he worth to be called messiah let him fight the demon. levi is correct he is dedicated to Auredia but how about auredia do they give him credit? more chapter please

  4. i hope Levi will slap messiah and will not accept the title king side by side and let messiah accept his mistake and knelt down to levi

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    1. I agree. If this admin translate these episodes it is really hard how much more if he/she is the author of this novel. Kudos to him/her.

      And hoping Levi wouldn’t fight the North Demon but to cooperate with him to take down these corrupt shit in Erudia

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