The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1522


        When everyone saw it, it turned out to be Dong Beast and others.

        At this time, it is them who are talking coldly!

        “Shut up, is there any place for you to speak here?”

        Everyone scolded.

        Everyone has no right to say such things.

        Especially the Dongbeasts.

        “I don’t think they are wrong! It’s this kind of crisis, and you have to let go of all personal grievances!”

        “Levi Garrison is not very big-hearted!”

        “Well, yes, especially in a high position, I should have done my best for Erudia. Instead, I am angry for my own selfish desires!”

        “That’s it! How much loss will Erudia have to incur if he is one step late?”

        Several people from the East Demon scolded. ..

        “That is, we admit that we did not do the right thing! But at this time, what do you care about?”

        Xiaojun Shen also echoed the Tao.

        “What he meant is that he is just an ordinary person now, what is the relationship with Wang Yan?”

        “Hey, what a headache! Why do you cancel his status as the king of the word side by side?”

        Several people scratched their heads and looked like ants on a hot pot.

        “Say a thousand words and ten thousand, although we are a little lacking in some aspects! But Levi Garrison’s approach is really wrong!”

        “As a fighter of Erudia, even if he cancels his status as the king of the word side by side. But if there is a war, he will be recalled. We all order him like 

this. He should go into battle immediately!”

        “It shouldn’t be a tantrum! Abandon Erudia for your own emotions!”

        “Yes! Levi Garrison didn’t do this thing right!”

        “No! It’s all his fault!”


        Everyone shouted.

        No one thought it would be Levi Garrison’s fault in the end.

        On the contrary, Messiah always felt that he was at fault.

        “Sure enough, we didn’t look away, Levi Garrison was embarrassed by the task!”

        “Now we don’t blame him, we will punish him after he gets rid of the Northern Devil!”

        “I think it can!”

        Erudia Wulong said.

        Several senior Messiah sighed and did not speak.

        “Why does Levi Garrison make this? At such a moment, how can you care about it?”

        “I will order him myself!”

        Another high-level Wang Qian roared.

        In the confinement room.

        Levi Garrison was still closing his eyes and resting.

        “What’s wrong with you Levi Garrison? Did you hear the order just now?”

        After Wang Qian arrived, he roared at Levi Garrison.

        Levi Garrison shook his head: “No, I’m just an ordinary person, don’t want to order me!”

        “Erudia is in trouble, and Beijing is in trouble, so you just watched it? How about your enlightenment?”

        Wang Qian stared at Levi Garrison fiercely.

        “I just watched! He provokes me again!”

        Levi Garrison sneered.

        “Furthermore, this is your attitude towards inviting people! Sorry, I am dedicated to Erudia, but I am not a slave who can be called upon by anyone!”

        Levi Garrison was really chilling.

        “Well, you Levi Garrison! You can say this, we order you not to listen?”

        “I really think we don’t have you, so there is no way to deal with the Northern Devil, right? Let you see!”

        “You can rest assured that you will never use you! Even if you want to go, you won’t let you go!”

        Wang Qian left angrily.

        After coming to Messiah.

        Wang Qian roared angrily: “Is there anybody in Erudia? I don’t believe it, except for Levi Garrison, is there anyone who can deal with the Northern Devil?”

        “Aren’t there the four main gates and the major hidden powers? They go!”


        But those who answered him were silent.

        Everyone was silent.

        Because there is really no one.

        “Not good! The North Demon has left Jiangjun Lake, and 80,000 people have stopped him!”


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