The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1525



        The language is not surprising and endless.

        Everyone was dumbfounded at this moment.

        No one thought that Levi Garrison would actually put forward this idea.

        He actually wants to fire himself…

        This is something that no one thought of.

        What a blow he was going to dismiss Erudia.

        It’s Erudia’s sorrow!

        Can not accept!

        But all of this was caused by them.

        “One word side by side king, please think twice! We promise you any request you make, such as revealing your identity directly to the world!” mi. c

        “As long as you continue to be the king of the word side by side, Erudia needs you, you are still young. There is still a long time to retreat!”

        No one wanted Levi Garrison to retreat.

        Levi Garrison expressionlessly: “I’m tired, I have done everything I can do!”

        “But don’t worry, I will make arrangements before I retire!”

        What else does everyone want to say.

        Someone reminded: “Now that the hidden dangers of the Northern Demon are still there, we should deal with the Northern Demon first!”

        Everyone just remembered now.

        Let’s deal with the North Demon first.

        “Well, I will deal with the North Devil first!”

        “The three of you come with me!”

        Levi Garrison looked at the three Dong Beasts.

        Finally, the Dong Beast trio followed Levi Garrison to deal with the Northern Demon.

        The three of them were perplexed.

        Always wondering what Levi Garrison means…

        “You… are you still alive?”

        When the North Demon saw Levi Garrison, he was frightened.

        Levi Garrison smiled: “Of course I am alive! And it was my people who saved you, otherwise you won’t be able to wake up.”


        The Northern Devil who knew the truth was about to vomit blood.

        It turned out that all of this was under Levi Garrison’s control.

        “Then you are no longer my opponent, I am stronger again!”

        The North Devil is very confident.

        “bring it on!”

        Levi Garrison suddenly threw the Dong Beast three people over.


        Bei Mo boom punched out.

        The three of them were instantly blown into blood mist…

        The moment the three of them died, they understood Levi Garrison’s intentions.

        They can’t live!

        He slaughtered his compatriots and deceived Erudia, absolutely unable to live.


        Levi Garrison and Bei Mo fought again.

        The five times stronger North Demon is extremely confident.

        But soon he discovered that Levi Garrison was even stronger than before.


        In the end, the Northern Devil was defeated by Levi Garrison.

        “I lose to you twice, I take it, you kill me!”

        The Northern Demon knelt on the ground and surrendered to Levi Garrison.

        Was completely convinced by Levi Garrison.

        “I can’t kill you yet! I have a question to ask you…”


        It’s just that Levi Garrison said this.

        Immediately, several masters stepped forward to punish the Northern Demon.

        Wang Qian and Yifan came to the front.

        They sent someone to kill the North Demon.

        “Who let you kill?”

        Levi Garrison glared at them angrily.

        “The word side by side king is really terrifying, the North Demon is not your opponent!”

        “For people like the North Demon, you have to kill, don’t then suffer endlessly!”

        Several people said.

        Levi Garrison shook his head helplessly.

        People are dead, what else can be done.

        In the end, Erudia broke out a major message-the king came out of the mountain side by side to punish the Northern Demon.

        The world was shocked.

        Shock one: The King of Words is still alive, not dead in Jiulong Mountain.

        Shock two: The King of Words Side by Side actually killed the Northern Demon.

        After this, who dares to provoke Erudia?

        There is such a person in the town!

        Can protect Erudia for hundreds of years!

        Suppress a hundred countries, no one dares to commit a crime!

        But what no one thought was that the king of the word side by side was going to be fired.

        This is the saddest thing about Messiah.

        Levi Garrison has decided to dismiss.


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