The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1529


        “This time, I only give you five days. I can’t do it, get out!”

        Prince William wanted to leave angrily.


        Upon hearing this, Prince William stopped.

        “Prince William, stay here for the time being to see how we retaliate against Erudia!”

        “And with you supervising the battle, our efficiency will be even higher!”

        Black Dragon smiled.

        The others looked at him in surprise.

        Everyone does not understand why he wants Prince William to stay here.

        This is equivalent to having someone supervising you all the time.

        “Well, good, just do it like this!”..

        Prince William agreed.

        Live on this small island.

        Several people from Black Phoenix pulled the Black Dragon aside.

        “The leader let Prince William watch, don’t we want to be restricted by him?”

        Black Phoenix expressed his concerns.

        All along, Prince William wanted to control them.

        They just want to cooperate with Prince William.

        Let him stay now, wouldn’t it give Prince William a chance?

        A sneer crossed the corner of Heilong’s mouth: “I have my plan…”


        Hei Fenghuang took a breath after listening.

        “This…is this really okay?”

        They were panicked, even fearful.

        Heilong sighed: “At present we only have this one way!”

        “Well, we will do it harder!”

        A flash of cold light flashed in the eyes of the Black Phoenix people.

        Levi Garrison still lived the life of an ordinary person.

        Arrange for Levilia to go to kindergarten these two days.

        But at night he still sighed: “It won’t be so peaceful. The quieter, the more the danger is approaching!”

        Levi Garrison has already seen the current situation.

        He rubbed his temples: “Occupational disease has committed again, it has nothing to do with me, why do I want to do this?”

        “Huh? Why are you here?”

        Levi Garrison walked outside and snorted coldly.

        It turned out that Tang Juefeng was here.

        “Master, ancestor!”

        Tang Juefeng greeted Levi Garrison and Tang Beidao.

        “Master, I have just taken office now, and I am a little confused. I feel incompetent. The other eight people are estimated to be the same. It is difficult 

to take your class!”

        Tang Juefeng knelt on the ground and said.

        “I said, now I’m an ordinary person, don’t bother me with anything!”

        Levi Garrison turned and left.

        Just as Tang Juefeng was disappointed, Levi Garrison’s voice came again: “Be vigilant and put an end to all possible dangers!”


        Tang Juefeng nodded.

        But this sentence, he didn’t care about it.

        Who dares to violate Erudia today?

        Still dangerous?


        He was mostly at a loss as to what to do next.

        Little did he know that his sloppyness caused catastrophe.

        The next day.

        Heilong and others personally rushed to Dongfangzhou by a plane.

        Prince William is among them.

        Erudia was still immersed in the happiness of the nine heavenly kings who turned out to be born, and she didn’t know that danger was approaching 


        Jianghai City in the south of Erudia.

        In the end, the Avengers stopped here.

        “Prince William please!”

        The black dragon leads the way.

        Prince William followed the crowd out.

        “What are you going to do to bring me to Erudia? Can you say it now?”

        Prince William asked.

        He didn’t know exactly what the black dragon was going to do, but he only heard that he could see a crazy performance in Erudia.

        He is looking forward to it.

        How does the black dragon take revenge on Erudia?

        “Prince William, am I about to start?”

        Heilong asked with a smile.

        “Go ahead, I want to see how crazy it is?”

        Prince William said quickly.


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