The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1532


        “you you you……”

        Zoey stammered, looking at King Shu in horror.

        She thought King Shu was here to trouble Levi Garrison.

        “Hurry up and stop bothering me from now on!”

        Levi Garrison’s angry voice came from inside.

        King Shu bit his lip, looked at Zoey with a complicated expression and left.

        “Are you crazy in Levi? You drove him?”

        Zoey looked at Levi Garrison incredulously.

        After all, Levi Garrison is just an ordinary person.

        That is one of the nine heavenly kings.

        “Nothing, if you come to bother me, just beat him!” 

        Levi Garrison sneered.

        Zoey shook his head helplessly.

        Levi Garrison’s personality has changed.

        There are several cruise ships on the eastern high seas.

        In the largest cruise ship, William II and the Black Dragon of the Avengers were all there.

        “Prince, you must not die in vain! We must ask for an argument!”

        Several people from Heilong were fanning the flames nearby.

        “Well, all participants must die!”

        “Especially the Shutian King Tang Juefeng, his family is going to die!”

        A terrible rage erupted from William II.

        It may be a joke that others say.

        But this man is powerful, rich and powerful, and he has countless strangers and strangers.

        As long as he raises his arms, many masters from all over the world can use it for him.

        Under his strong pressure, Erudia had to make concessions.

        Not to mention his son died.

        Erudia Li loses…

        “Tomorrow’s negotiation we have to avenge and win more benefits!”

        “My suggestion is to let Erudia hand over the king with one word, one life for another! Only his death can be worthy of Prince William!”

        Heilong suggested.

        Others shook their heads one after another: “It’s difficult! Not to mention that Erudia will not hand over the King of Side by Side. Even if he does, it 

will be difficult for us to kill him!”

        “En, that’s true! But do your best! One point that can weaken Erudia is one point!”

        Heilong is humane.

        That night, the negotiating team arrived under the escort of King Shu.

        After the two sides met, they separated after a brief exchange.

        When King Shu was about to leave, Heilong called him.

        “Who are you?”

        King Shu looked at the black dragon warily.

        “Someone who can save you!”

        Black Dragon Road.

        “help me?”

        King Shu was taken aback.

        “Wrong, now the whole world knows that you led someone to kill Prince William!”


        “You have no reason to refute!”

        “William II will not let you go, nor will War Eagle Nation let you go!”

        “And it’s not just you who will suffer, but your family and even the whole family will suffer!”


        Hearing this, the king of Shu Tian was already short of breath.

        “Wrong, you are one of the nine heavenly kings. But at this time, Erudia wants to protect you and can’t protect you! With William II’s character, 

everyone must be buried with him!”

        “You are great, you may be able to block it! But what about the secret? How about thousands of killers? Your relatives and friends are in our control.”

        “It will even trigger a war between the two countries. You will be the fuse, and you will become a sinner through the ages! You will be nailed to the 

pillar of shame forever!”


        The black dragon analyzed the key points.

        King Shu wanted to refute, but Heilong was right.

        He was full of anger.

        Obviously he has a strong power, but he can’t use it before conspiracy and trickery.

        This feeling is the most depressing.

        “By the way, you just said you could help me?”

        King Shu asked.

        “Wrong! I am the only one who can help you!”

        “But I have one condition!”

        Black Dragon smiled.


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