The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1533


        “Wait, why should I believe that you can help me? You are not William II. What decision can you make?”

        King Shu Tian looked at him warily.

        “But do you have other options now?”

        Heilong smiled suddenly.


        King Shu was silent again.

        “Don’t you want to ask who I am? I am the leader of the Avengers!”


        Hearing this, the king of Shu Tian trembled.

        This is a person whose degree of danger is second only to that of the Northern Devil.

        “And I actually killed Prince William!” 

        When Heilong said this answer, King Shu was going crazy.

        It turns out that the person who framed him was Black Dragon!

        “Don’t get excited! Even if you kill me, it won’t help!”

        “As for me, it is Erudia who has to deal with! How much does it have to do with the clan of Xishu!”

        The black dragon smiled.

        “Do you really think I dare not kill you?”

        The king of Shu was murderous.

        “Do you have a childhood sweetheart named Wang Ru who is now…”

        When the black dragon said a lot of information.

        King Shu was dumbfounded.

        He believed what the black dragon said.

        He can stop the light, but he can’t stop the dark.

        What’s more, this is the anger of William II and the war eagle country.

        Xishu Gate Valve can’t stop it…

        “If you want to save the people you like and your parents’ family, just answer me a question!”

        Black Dragon said.

        “what is the problem?”

        King Shu began to loosen.

        “Tell me the true identity of the King Side by Side!”

        “It’s easy, isn’t it? I don’t ask you to do anything else!”

        Heilong asked with a smile.

        If the king does not get rid of the word side by side, he can’t feel at ease.

        What we do now is to understand the word side by side.

        First you have to know who he is…

        “This one……”

        King Shu hesitated.

        The question is actually very simple.

        But it’s hard to tell.

        “I just want to know who he is? He is so powerful, and I have no choice but to use him.”

        “It’s such a simple question, but it can save your family lover! It’s a good deal!”


        King Shu thought for a while, raised his head and looked at the black dragon and asked; “Then how can you guarantee?”

        The black dragon smiled.

        Take out the phone and open the video.

        Opposite the video is the childhood sweetheart of King Shu.

        King Shu clenched his fists tightly.

        It turned out that the enemy was more terrifying than he thought.

        Understand and control everything about him.

        “Now? Do you still need my guarantee?”

        “Answer my question and let them go right away!”

        Black Dragon smiled.

        King Shu gritted his teeth.

        After half a day, I can only answer: “I said!”

        “One word side by side is Levi Garrison!”

        Heard this answer.

        The black dragon trembled.

        This answer was unexpected and expected.

        At present, only Levi Garrison fits the word side by side.

        Unexpectedly, it was because Levi Garrison was not so strong.

        In the end, the black dragon released the childhood sweetheart of King Shu.

        And promised not to target him at the negotiation meeting tomorrow.

        However, the identity of the word side by side king has been exposed.

        On the cruise ship.

        Heilong and Heifengfeng studied together.

        “Impossible. Although Levi Garrison was strong two or three years ago, he was not so strong?”

        “And this span is too big, now even the Northern Devil is not his opponent!”

        “What has he experienced? No, I must know!”


        Heilong and others began to analyze Levi Garrison’s events in recent years.

        In particular, the battle is to investigate field by field, and then study and analyze.

        “Hahaha… I know Levi Garrison’s biggest secret!”

        After analyzing the whole night, the black dragon suddenly laughed.

        “From then on, the word side by side king is no longer a threat!”


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  1. Why why I knew this far fetched story would happen a 2 year old could figure it out. The never ending lets f***k Levi. The Messiaha and them all know who the Advengers are so the king should know. Such a weak and disappointing story . With the world watching Levi fight that Demon and retiring from side but side everyone hard it the world was sad. Except Zoey and her family. And the William ll.

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