The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1534



        Asked William II.

        “There is an old saying in Erudia that you can’t break or build up! Levi Garrison definitely has a terrible technique that doesn’t break or build up!”

        “In these few battles, Levi Garrison was either abolished or dying. But in the end he was not only dead, but stronger! Now he is so strong that even the 

Northern Demon was killed by him!”

        “Also he used to be physically disabled and went to jail, but was secretly transferred away. I think it was this technique that made him!

        Hei Fenghuang and others also nodded one after another: “Wrong! Erudia ancient martial arts does have such a heaven-defying technique!”

        Heilong smiled coldly: “Levi Garrison’s life experience is very simple, it has nothing to do with the hidden forces. The only possibility is to get an 

adventure in prison, which is this heaven-defying technique.”

        William II probably understood the meaning; “If you don’t kill him all at once, he will be stronger?”

        “Wrong, that’s it!”

        “In this negotiation, we can start in this regard!”

        “Since we can’t kill Erudia’s side by side king, we can create more side by side kings!”..

        The black dragon smiled.

        William II immediately understood: “It means he wants Erudia to surrender this technique?”


        “First, get to know him through this technique and defeat him.”

        “Secondly, more masters will be cultivated through this technique!”

        “Either way, it is a painful blow to Erudia!”

        Heilong answered.

        William II was immersed in great joy, forgetting the pain of losing his son.

        “Okay, just do it!”

        If you get this technique, the value is too great.

        The entire war eagle nation will thank him.

        “However, people like Tang Juefeng and the Xishu clan can’t be killed!”

        Black Dragon Road.

        “Why? They are the ones who killed my son!”

        William II looked puzzled.

        Heilong naturally has his considerations.

        It wasn’t that Tang Juefeng promised to keep his promise.

        But because he has the next plan.

        Currently Erudia, including Levi Garrison, did not know that his identity had been exposed.

        As long as Tang Juefeng was not targeted, Levi Garrison would not know.

        Taking advantage of this gap, Black Dragon wanted to target Levi Garrison.

        After William II listened, he agreed.

        Ten o’clock in the morning.

        The negotiation will begin.


        Soon, go directly to the topic.

        “My son is dead, you must explain it!”

        “Otherwise, I will let everyone in Erudia be buried!”


        William II was domineering.

        “Please state the requirements and conditions, and we will try our best to meet them!”

        The negotiating team is wiping cold sweat.

        “First, Erudia must hand over ten people to pay for his life!”

        “This condition can be negotiated, basically there are no problems. Are there requirements for people?”

        The negotiating team asked.

        The King Shu, who was standing next to him, wiped his cold sweat.

        Soon he will know whether the black dragon is lying to him.

        “No! As long as ten people pay for my son!”

        William II said.

        King Shu breathed a sigh of relief.

        Then he would guard this matter next, and would never tell the matter that Levi Garrison’s identity had been exposed.

        In this way, Levi Garrison would never know.

        “The second condition, I want to die side by side!”

        William II said coldly.

        This is his intention.

        They also understand that Erudia is definitely not acceptable.

        “This condition doesn’t work! Change another one!”

        The negotiating team also directly refused.

        “Okay, that’s very simple! Let the King of One Word hand over his exercises! This is my final bottom line, otherwise I will never die!”


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  1. With the flow of the story. Im pretty sure it will surpass the Charlie Wade Story with more than 3000 chapters as of today. (Perhaps it has the same author, thats why their story is almost identical) Keep in dragging until no one is left interested to read it.

    1. Agree… It started out good until it got worst.. thought it was better then charlie wade and how wrong am i ..

    2. The same story.. Im not sure if you read this novel already but its quite good.. Title.. The Billionaire God of war

    1. Me too, I stop because He is a lair, Why? He keep hiding his identity to his wife and.also keep hiding about the marriage arrangement from his.childhood sweetheart but the other ladies sorround him knew about his identity. What also is all the ladies sorround him are love him.. Grrr so thats why I stop.

  2. Jocelyn Nicolas Selma

    ops another come the secret should till death no matter what..hayyyy another rolling

  3. Now Levi will realise what is happening and will eventually in another couple of hundred chapters Return of the God of War side by side.
    Wish there was a way to find out how many chapters there are.
    But I am seriously loosing interest. Will go back to skim reading .

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