The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1535



        This request surprised everyone in the negotiating team.

        Why would William II suddenly demand the practice of one word side by side with the king?

        Is there anything peculiar?

        They don’t know it themselves!

        Even the King of Shu was taken aback.

        What is this going to do?

        “We need to discuss this and apply to the relevant personnel!”

        The negotiating team cannot decide this matter.

        “Well, let’s go to war directly! I will use all my strength to fight against Erudia! I’m free!”

        Roared William II.

        “You calm down! We have agreed to the two conditions!”

        In order to stabilize William II, the negotiating team hurriedly agreed.

        In their view, isn’t it just a technique?

        Not an extremely important thing.

        They can make a decision.

        “I only give you three hours. If you can’t do it in three hours, I will leave!”

        William II threatened.

        After the negotiating team left, they immediately contacted Messiah.

        At this time, the black dragon and others had long been nowhere to be seen, so I didn’t know what to do.

        “What? The king’s skill?”

        After Messiah heard this message, they were all taken aback.

        “Could it be that what’s unique about the king’s skill of the word side by side?”

        This is a question that Messiah has never considered.

        They only knew that Levi Garrison was very powerful.

        But never thought about why Levi Garrison is so powerful.

        Now imagine that the enemy realizes the power of Levi Garrison’s exercises.

        “What should I do now? William II only gave three hours!”

        “Hurry up and let Levi Garrison hand over his exercises! Hold William II first!”

        “Also check what Levi Garrison’s practice is?”


        North Hampton.

        Levi Garrison just sent Levilia to school.

        He returned to the villa, and members of the negotiating team were waiting for him.

        Because of his guilty conscience, King Shu naturally did not dare to come.

        “What are you doing?”

        Levi Garrison glared at everyone.

        The person headed by the negotiating team said with a solemn expression: “Levi Garrison is here to take the order!”

        “This is the highest-level Yanlong decree-asking you to hand over your exercises!”

        “Stop this one, I said it earlier, I’m just an ordinary person!”

        Levi Garrison said.

        “No! Erudia is in danger now! Prince William died unexpectedly in Erudia. The other party called for you to hand over the exercises, otherwise Erudia 

will have disaster!”

        “Huh? Wait! The other party only asked me to hand over the exercises?”

        Levi Garrison suddenly realized something.

        “There is no, but I have asked to hand over ten people to pay for their lives! These ten people have nothing to ask! The other party seems to only 

care about your practice!”

        The man wondered.

        In fact, everyone is very confused.

        What kind of exercises can make William II let go of hatred?

        “No, my identity has been exposed, as well as my secrets. They must have known my practice, so they asked for it.”

        Levi Garrison’s brain was running fast, and he quickly figured out what was going on.

        He didn’t even think that as an ordinary person, he could still be pulled in.

        Still the central figure…

        I didn’t even think of it.

        “Just hand it over! Only in this way will both sides get along peacefully!”

        “What’s more, there is also the highest-level Yanlong Order ordering you, you quickly hand it over! Time is running out!”

        The negotiating team urged.

        Levi Garrison smiled: “When did Erudia become so confused?”

        “When do you want to listen to others?”

        “Do what others want us to do?”

        “Where is the backbone of Erudia people?”

        “Are we still afraid of these foreign nations?”



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