The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1537


        “This is a lot of trouble! Once William II gets angry, it will be a disaster!”

        “Levi Garrison is an ordinary person, so what do you still keep the exercises for?”

        “Yes, too selfish!”


        The negotiating team reported Levi Garrison’s attitude to Messiah.

        Messiah has nothing to do with this.

        They knew Levi Garrison’s attitude and temper.

        It was too urgent.

        It will be counterproductive!

        In the end, the negotiating team could only tell William II of all this.

        Ask William II to change terms. ..

        “This condition must not be changed!”

        “Otherwise, I will ask all Erudia people to bury my son! Think about how to do it! Either the king’s head is side by side or his practice!”

        “I have gathered tens of thousands of mercenaries and thousands of killers, and I can act at any time!”


        Under the duress of William II, the negotiating team could only come to Levi Garrison again with King Shu.

        Tang Juefeng felt very guilty.

        But if things continue to drag on, it will be exposed instead.

        It’s better to persuade Levi Garrison to hand over the exercises earlier.

        “What are you here for? Didn’t I tell you, come and beat once?”

        Levi Garrison was upset when he saw Tang Juefeng.

        “Master, please wait! Listen to me!”

        “You just hand over the exercises? Isn’t it possible for everyone to solve it peacefully?”

        Tang Juefeng said.

        “It’s impossible to hand over the exercises!”

        Levi Garrison was determined.

        “No, Master, it’s not necessarily the most powerful exercise. You can just hand over one exercise at will. Hold them down first. Then we will find out 

who the real murderer is!”

        Tang Juefeng said.

        “Get out, get out! Don’t force me to do it!”

        “Master, think twice, how many people can you save and how much loss can you reduce with a little effort?”

        Tang Juefeng was still persuading.

        Levi Garrison directly slapped him out.

        The others were scared and ran away.

        “Something is wrong!”

        “Tang Juefeng’s personality is not like this! How could I let me hand over the exercises?”

        After the person left, Levi Garrison gradually realized that something was wrong.

        not good!

        It was Tang Juefeng who exposed my identity!

        Levi Garrison reacted immediately.

        Levi Garrison could probably guess it.

        All this is the plan of the leader of the Avengers Black Dragon.

        This guy’s scheme is too deep.

        It was easy to play Tang Juefeng with his ability.

        This guy even analyzed that he has a powerful technique.

        Something’s wrong!

        Since you know your identity, why stick to the exercises?

        Instead of other things?

        not good!

        Levi Garrison’s brows jumped.

        His heart sank.

        Now that the Avengers know their true identity, it is equivalent to grasping their own weakness.

        There is no reason not to act.

        What exercises these may be a guise!

        Do not!

        He wants to target himself!

        Then the best way to start is…

        Levi Garrison thought of a terrible possibility.

        He was startled in a cold sweat…

        Please do not!

        Please do not!

        Next second.

        His cell phone rang.

        Levi Garrison’s body tightened, his eyes red.

        He immediately connected.

        There was a loud noise from the other side.

        Immediately afterwards, Levilia’s voice sounded–

        “Dad…Dad, come and save Levilia… I want my father, I want my mother, oh oh oh…”


        Levilia’s cry for help came from the other end of the phone.

        Soon, the calls were all blind.


        Levi Garrison was struck by lightning and his brain was blank.


        Levi Garrison roared.

        Sure enough, they started on Levilia…


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