The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1538


        He arranged a master by Levilia’s side.

        But what the Avengers want to target.

        Unless you guard it yourself, it won’t help.

        For them, catching individuals is too easy.

        It happened that Levi Garrison was entangled by Tang Juefeng and the negotiating team again.

        It was too easy for them to take the king abducted.

        Levi Garrison immediately contacted the master who was arranged by Levilia.

        As a result, none of these people knew that Levilia had been taken away…

        It can be seen how powerful the other party is.

        Unconsciously, he took people away.

        At the same time, Zoey also received a message that Levilia was arrested. ..

        She almost fainted.

        Zoey hurried back to Li’s ancestral home and told everyone the message.

        The first thing she thought of was the clan of Xishu, not Levi Garrison.

        After all, Levi Garrison is now an ordinary person, single and weak.

        Far inferior to the supernatural powers of the Western Shu family.

        They are more capable.

        “What? Levilia was arrested?”

        The Li family was furious.

        The old lady and others were very angry.

        Although everyone doesn’t catch a cold to Levi Garrison.

        But I love Levilia very much.

        Everyone was anxious when they heard Levilia was arrested.

        “Under such protection, Levilia can be captured. It seems that the other party is very powerful!”

        Almost the entire North Hampton, there are masters and eyeliners of the Xishu clan.

        Levilia and Zoey also have masters arranged by the old lady.


        Enough to shock the old lady and them.

        “It’s not a coincidence! It just so happened that the eldest brother and them have returned to the Xishu clan in the past few days!”

        “Now listen to my order, summon all the power to save Levilia!”

        The old lady immediately arranged for someone to save Levilia.

        In an instant, the entire Li family’s ancestral home was heated up.

        Even the entire West Shu gate clique received the message and started to act.

        “No, I’ll do it myself to save Levilia, so I don’t have to trouble others.”

        At this time, a voice came.

        It was Levi Garrison.

        Since Heilong dominates everything, a Western Shu gate clan is absolutely useless.

        On the contrary, it will startle and startle the snake.

        Might as well go alone.

        In the next moment, hundreds of people on the court looked at him with gazes.

        “just you?”

        Everyone looked at Levi Garrison in surprise and disdain.

        “Levi Garrison, we know you have two sons, otherwise you won’t be the Kunlun God of War!”

        “But now all the masters of the hidden world are coming out! Your time has long passed! No matter how good you are, can you still have the power 

of Xishu?”

        “You go away quickly, Levilia, let’s look for it!”


        No one would believe that Levi Garrison is stronger than the Western Shu family.

        What’s more, there are nine heavenly kings in the Western Shu family.

        Even Zoey didn’t believe it.

        In her opinion, letting the old lady come forward is more confident than Levi Garrison.

        Levi Garrison pursed his lips: “You are not his opponents! The entire Western Shu family does not add up!”

        The language is not surprising and endless.

        Levi Garrison said this.

        It is equivalent to offending everyone present.

        The entire Xishu clan will not work?

        Who will do it?

        Do you do it yourself?

        “Levi Garrison, what are you talking about? You dare to despise the entire Xishu clan?”

        No one agreed.

        “Don’t worry about it, they are here for me!”

        Levi Garrison approached.

        “It’s also directed at you? Let us leave it alone? You are so powerful, why did Levilia let others take it away?”


        Facing the questioning, Levi Garrison was speechless.

        It was his fault that Levilia was arrested.

        He didn’t realize that being an ordinary person could still be involved in disputes.

        “Levi Garrison, don’t say a few words, the matter of saving Levilia will be left to grandma and them!”

        Zoey shouted.


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