The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1542


        Together with Emma and Aaron, they all knelt in front of King Shu to thank them.

        Levilia is the heart and soul of these people.

        Save it, how can everyone not get excited.


        Levilia began to cry.

        Zoey hurriedly hugged Levilia in his arms: “Mom is here, Levilia, don’t be afraid!”

        “Kow your heads again! Thank you to the king of Shu!”

        “Bang! Bang! Bang!”

        Aaron and the others knocked the King of Shu a few more times.

        “Juefeng thank you, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know what to do!”

        The old lady also expressed her heartfelt thanks. mi. c

        “As expected to be one of the nine heavenly kings, he rescued people as soon as he shot!”

        “It’s amazing! It’s only two hours before and after, right?”

        “It is the pride of my clan in Xishu, and the pride of Erudia!”


        The people of the Western Shu gate praised the king of Shu.

        Where Tang Juefeng was standing, he was astonished.


        What do you guys boast about?

        And the sisters, they kowtow to themselves?

        I didn’t do it myself at all!

        Sister Levilia was obviously rescued by the master…

        There is no half a dime relationship with myself.

        And Master must also know that he revealed it.

        He is about to face Master’s accountability…

        Looking at everyone, Tang Juefeng gritted his teeth and said: “Actually, it’s not me…”

        “Mom, where’s Dad? Where’s Dad?”

        At this time, Levilia shouted.

        After Levilia’s reminder, everyone remembered Levi Garrison.

        “Hmph, Levi Garrison really laughed at me, so he should save Levilia alone?”

        “Levilia has been rescued, how about the others? You laughed at me!”

        “It keeps saying that Xishu clan clan can’t do it, he must rely on himself. In the end, isn’t it relying on Xishu clan to save people?”


        Since Levilia was carried by Tang Juefeng, everyone agreed that Tang Juefeng rescued Levilia.

        As for Levi Garrison, it became a joke.

        Zoey and Emma had ugly faces.

        It doesn’t matter if Levi Garrison can’t save Levilia, the key is to speak out loudly by the clan of Xishu.

        There was a big joke now.

        “No, Dad saved me! Where is Dad? Where is Dad?”

        At this time, Levilia suddenly shouted.

        Shu Tianwang felt tight when he heard it.

        “Is this kid scared? Why did your father save you? It was obviously the King of Shu who saved you!”

        “Yes, when a child is frightened, he will think of his parents. They will subconsciously think that their parents saved her!”

        “Zoey, quickly take Levilia to rest, and arrange for a few more doctors to see…”

        No one would believe what a child said.

        Especially everyone saw that Tang Juefeng came back holding her.

        No one believes it.

        “in fact……”

        What else did the King Shu want to say, the old lady immediately said: “Juefeng is a family, no need to say, do you still have things to do? Hurry 


        “My family thank you again! If it weren’t for you, we don’t know what to do?”

        Aaron and the others bowed to the Shu Tianwang again.

        Emma even bowed and said, “I also thank you on behalf of the father of the child! Let him come and thank you in person at that time!”

        “I… I, I, I…”

        King Shu was trembling, stammering, and was too scared to speak.

        The father of the child thanked him face to face…

        How dare he?

        Shu Tianwang’s legs were going to weaken, and his face turned pale.

        He still thinks about how to deal with the next thing that Levi Garrison will be held accountable.

        It’s just that the clan in Xishu are bragging about him.

        The more so, the more scared he is.


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  1. Oh cook the I enough his enough how dumb has Zoey and the family and the author to keep up this storyline Levi doing all the work and others taking glory year after year everyone except Zoey and the family knowing who Levi is. Good grief enough of this boring concept.. Please stop .

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