The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1544


        William II yelled frantically at the black dragon.

        “Huh? What’s the matter?”

        Heilong has realized something is wrong.

        “Let’s see for yourself!”

        “It turns out that you killed my son! Put the blame on Erudia! Play me and the entire Warhawk Nation between applause!”

        William II was furious.

        After seeing the message, the black dragon was completely dumbfounded.

        Someone has witnessed everything…

        He jumped into the Yellow River and couldn’t clean it.

        “Go to hell! Pay your life for my son!”

        William II pulled out a golden desert eagle.

        “Boom boom…”

        He fired several shots in a row.

        The black dragon was directly beaten into a sieve.

        Many blood holes exploded in his body.

        He fell softly.

        The eyes are full of incredible.

        Levi Garrison didn’t even kill him.

        He actually died in the hands of William II?

        At this moment, it is estimated that his hole cards or his backstage supporters have not reacted.

        He is dead!

        As everyone knows, his death was expected by Levi Garrison.

        Levi Garrison understood that as long as the truth became clear.

        The Eagle Nation and William II will never let him go.

        Wherever he goes, he is a dead end.

        “Take off his mask and have a look!”

        William II ordered.


        When the black dragon mask was taken off, everyone was shocked.

        Everyone showed incredible looks.

        “No way?”

        William II also exclaimed.

        Members of the Avengers, everyone is ruined.

        His face was so ruined that even biological instruments could not get it out.

        This is the rules of the Avengers.

        All people must live under the mask.

        The real face must never be discovered.

        So the standard for entering the Avengers is to destroy your face first.

        But Heilong’s face is complete.

        He is not disfigured.

        There are no scars at all.

        He even said that the black dragon looks fair and elegant, just like a scholar.

        This is what William II did not think of.

        It was also what Levi Garrison and the others hadn’t thought of.

        Otherwise, he can definitely find out his identity through the real appearance of the black dragon.

        “I don’t care who he is! Kill my son, don’t think about it! Throw it to the kid and feed the sharks!”

        “There are other Avengers members, don’t let them go!”


        Next, the war eagle nation began to punish the Avengers.

        This left the remnants at a loss.

        Death is everywhere.

        The Avengers are really going to die.

        The misunderstanding between Erudia and the Eagle Nation was also resolved.

        William II could only leave.

        Hearing the news that the black dragon was killed, Levi Garrison smiled.

        He returned to North Hampton.

        Came to the ancestral home of the Lopez  family.

        At the door, Tang Juefeng squatted with a complex and nervous expression on his face.

        Seeing Levi Garrison coming back, he thumped and fell to the ground.

        Levi Garrison ignored him and went directly to Li’s ancestor house.

        He quickly got up and followed.

        in the room.


        Levilia saw Levi Garrison and immediately jumped up.

        “Don’t be afraid, Levilia, father is here!”

        Levi Garrison hugged Levilia tightly.

        “You also said you wouldn’t let the Xishu clan intervene! If it weren’t for them, could Levilia be rescued?”

        “Yes, it’s all up to King Shu! If it weren’t for him, Levilia would still be in danger!”

        Zoey looked at Levi Garrison complainingly.

        Levi Garrison was taken aback.

        Dare to love Tang Juefeng took him back to Levilia, everyone thought he had saved it.

        At this time, Tang Juefeng and everyone came to the room.

        As soon as she saw him, Emma immediately said: “Levi, hurry up to say thanks to the King of Shu! You should be kneeling and kowtow!”


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