The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1547


        Hearing what Songkui said, everyone nodded.

        “It seems that Levi Garrison still makes sense.”

        “Knock our heads to thank us and rest assured!”

        Everyone laughed.

        Zoey didn’t think it was wrong either.

        Although kneeling to others, it was difficult for Levi Garrison.

        Damage to backbone and dignity.

        But for the sake of Levilia, what should be endured still has to be endured.

        Kowtowing thank you or something.

        “Don’t worry, the reality will gradually smooth out Levi Garrison’s edges and corners in the future!”

        The old lady laughed.

        Zoey and Emma looked at each other.

        Feeling infinite.

        The changes in these two or three years are really great.

        Before, Levi Garrisongui was the god of war in Kunlun, invincible in the world.

        The Ye Clan in Jingcheng was still the first family, and no one moved.

        But now that the great hidden powers come out, the master will be gone everywhere.

        One word side by side king and nine heavenly kings all emerged.

        Levi Garrison had no sense of existence anymore.

        The times are changing too fast.

        But what they don’t know is that the person leading this era is Levi Garrison!

        He has always been at the forefront of the times.

        After Prince William’s matter was settled.

        Messiah began to investigate who recorded the hands-on evidence of the Avengers.

        Finally, the king of Shu admitted everything.

        Said that he himself was prepared.

        Everything is his strategy.

        Of course, he didn’t say that Black Dragon traded with him.

        When the  LEvi’s Squad released the evidence before, it also deleted this paragraph.

        In order to prevent Levi Garrison’s identity from letting more people know.

        Messiah commended the King of Shu.

        Not to mention the resolution of this crisis, he also uncovered the Avengers, leading to the destruction of the Avengers.

        Erudia rewarded King Shu with a Yanlong Medal.

        This is the supreme reward!

        For a time, King Shu became the hottest among the nine heavenly kings.

        Become a being respected by all…

        King Shu accepted all this and was ashamed of it.

        But it was Levi Garrison’s order.

        He had to admit everything and accept everything.

        Before, Levi Garrison had cultivated nine heavenly kings, and everyone who knew the inside story was skeptical.

        Whether the nine heavenly kings can bear the heavy responsibilities.

        Especially the class that takes the word side by side with the king.

        Now it seems that this worry is unnecessary.

        They are totally possible!

        It can even replace Levi Garrison’s.

        This made Messiah a long sigh of relief.

        Now even if the enemy knows that the king retreats side by side, he is not afraid anymore.

        “The word side by side king can still be replaced!”

        “By the way, what’s the matter with his practice? Have you found it?”

        Messiah was already investigating Levi Garrison’s exercises.

        “I found it, and the fundamental analysis concluded that the practice of the word side by side king cannot be broken or established. The specifics 


        “So amazing?”

        After listening, everyone was amazed.

        “No wonder, he will get stronger and stronger, even the Northern Devil is not his opponent!”

        “But fortunately, he has cultivated nine heavenly kings for Erudia!”

        Wang Qian suddenly said: “Have you ever thought about creating more one-word side-by-side kings for Erudia?”

        “What do you mean? Oh oh oh, I see!”

        Everyone nodded.

        Wang Qian’s meaning is very simple-

        Use this magical technique to cultivate more existences with Levi Garrison’s combat power.

        “Good idea! It’s amazing! It’s amazing!”

        “Don’t say much! Just three Levi Garrison’s existence is enough!”

        “At that time, the whole world was absolutely shocked! Who would dare to invade me Erudia Banfen?”

        “I seem to have seen my Erudia invincible scene!”


        After hearing this idea, everyone was amazed.

        They started to think of Levi Garrison’s exercises.


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