The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1549


        Messiah panicked.

        After all, Levi Garrison is too hot now.

        Everyone wants to solicit.

        Everyone will be moved by the favorable conditions.

        Wang Qian said immediately: “If this matter had been in the past, it would never have happened. The former Levi Garrison really did his best for Erudia 

and died.”

        “But it’s different now! After the accident last time, he was probably chilling, and he would even hate us!”

        “Especially he is an ordinary person! He must be more eager for rights and money! Under the sugar-coated shells, it is difficult to hold on!”


        After listening to Wang Qian’s analysis, everyone felt wrong.

        In case Levi Garrison can’t help the temptation to join other countries or forces.

        That will change the pattern of the world. ..

        Especially for Erudia, it was a heavy blow.

        First, Levi Garrison is too strong. For now, no one can control him.

        Second, Levi Garrison knew Erudia too well and was in control of everything.

        If he went to the opposite.

        Erudia will have no counterattack.

        Although Levi Garrison would never betray Erudia.

        But in the consideration of others, there is no such hidden danger.

        “Horrible! Terrible!”

        Thinking of this possibility, everyone came out in a cold sweat.

        “I firmly believe in Levi Garrison’s character! He will definitely stand the temptation!”

        “me too!”


        Most people in the field expressed their views.

        They all expressed Levi Garrison.

        “I know what you think, and I believe him! But this kind of hidden danger exists!”

        “Once a hidden danger exists, it will be a threat to Erudia someday!”

        “For example, is the other party threatening the family of Levi Garrison’s wife and daughter? This is not something that cannot be kept! At that time, it will 

be too late to regret!”

        Any Fan’s remarks are still valid.

        In any case, hidden dangers absolutely exist.

        “We can’t act emotionally, we must consider the overall situation! We must remove all hidden dangers! Avoid any danger!”

        “This agrees! Everyone discuss what to do?”


        After everyone discussed it.

        The first one began to speak: “First, from the death of Prince William, the abilities of the nine heavenly kings are basically detected. They can replace 

the king of the word side by side!”

        “Second, Levi Garrison’s technique has been confirmed! As long as we get this technique, we can at least cultivate three Levi Garrison!”


        “Finally, to sum up, Erudia can give up Levi Garrison completely now!”



        “We agree too!”


        After combining the facts, everyone found that Levi Garrison could really be abandoned.

        There are nine heavenly kings and exercises to make up for.

        Even better than Levi Garrison alone.

        This situation is better.

        “What about Levi Garrison? What if he is recruited by another country?”

        Someone asked Levi Garrison’s solution.

        “Levi Garrison is too strong! If one day he is not satisfied with the status quo, it may be a disaster!”

        “In order to avoid this kind of disaster, only Levi Garrison can avoid it as an ordinary person.”

        “How to say?”

        Others looked at it.

        “Ordinary people don’t know martial arts!”

        “First, let’s let Levi Garrison hand over the exercises.”

        “Second, we let Levi Garrison abolish martial arts by himself! Never use it forever!”

        “Only in this way will Levi Garrison become a real ordinary person! The hidden danger to Erudia will also be solved!”

        “Maybe it’s cruel to Levi Garrison! But for the sake of Erudia’s future, I can only do this!”

        “I think Levi Garrison will also understand. Doesn’t he want to be an ordinary person? We fulfill him!”


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