The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1551


        “Congratulations on being an ordinary person, no one will harass you anymore!”

        Wang Qianji were very excited to get the exercises.

        Especially if Levi Garrison’s meridians are now sealed, there will be no threat.

        Levi Garrison smiled miserably: “For Erudia, I really took out everything! I have a clear conscience!”

        “I am also happy to see Erudia get better! I hope you will let Erudia take off again!”

        Levi Garrison called the only person besides him who knew where the  LEvi’s Squad was.

        He also handed over the  LEvi’s Squad.

        Now that it becomes an ordinary person, it’s more thorough.

        From now on, Levi Garrison has nothing.

        “Levi you…what’s wrong with you?”

        After Zoey came back, they were shocked to see Levi Garrison’s appearance. mi. c

        Levi Garrison smiled and said, “There is nothing wrong, but I will become an ordinary person in the future!”

        “Wouldn’t it be better! I hope our family is ordinary!”

        Zoey hugged Levi Garrison.

        “Furthermore, we are backed by the Xishu clan, they will protect us, and we will be bullied!”

        “You know about Levilia being rescued by King Shu Tian.”

        Levi Garrison just smiled.

        Now he really let go of everything.

        After Messiah got the exercises, he immediately invested in the plan.

        First, recruit a hundred geniuses from Quan Erudia and cultivate them as seedlings.

        Mainly practice this technique of Levi Garrison.

        The so-called not breaking or standing.

        These hundred geniuses, the first thing to do is to abolish themselves…

        The Eagle Nation and others were shocked when they learned that Levi Garrison had abolished Kung Fu and handed over the exercises.

        But from now on, Levi Garrison will no longer be their target.

        After all, it does not pose any threat.

        “It’s time to meet that person!”

        After Levi Garrison recovered from his injuries, he went to North Hampton Prison.

        Here, he entered the darkest moment of his life.

        It is also here to regain a new life.

        He wants to thank Master.

        Although they don’t admit it.

        After coming to prison.

        Levi Garrison knelt before the old man and knocked his head three times.

        “Master, I’m sorry, without your permission, I handed over the exercises!”

        Levi Garrison knocked his head again.

        The old man made an old voice: “I said that I am not your master. You found the exercises. It has nothing to do with me!”

        Levi Garrison didn’t understand.

        Why is it that the old man is so reluctant to admit his relationship with him?

        However, the old man’s attitude also made himself clear.

        Messiah checked this prison.

        The final conclusion is that the exercises Levi Garrison found here have nothing to do with other people.

        “No matter what, you are my mentor!”

        Levi Garrison continued to kowtow.


        The old man snorted coldly.

        For Levi Garrison, the old man was full of mystery.

        He can leave the prison tomorrow morning, so why should he stay here?

        But Levi Garrison didn’t dare to ask.

        “Is there anything else? I don’t have anything to leave now!”

        The old man is very impatient.

        “Master, from this moment on, I will return to the past and be an ordinary person! I am going to take you out and give you retirement!”

        Levi Garrison said seriously.

        He was in a high position before, so he didn’t dare to have such an idea.

        But now he has completely changed back to an ordinary person.

        He still hopes to take the old man back.

        “Are you an ordinary person? Impossible!”

        Suddenly the old man said.


        Levi Garrison was taken aback.

        “You can’t bet an ordinary person in this life, you will have a bloody disaster next!”

        The old man said.


        Levi Garrison’s body trembled.

        Are you in a bloody disaster?


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