The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1555


        Now his strength is much higher than before.

        This time the teacher let him see the world!

        Experienced to be powerful!

        Let me put it this way!

        It seems that it is not a world!

        The ghost knows how strong Levi Garrison will be now?

        How can others be protected?

        “And you, don’t hang around in front of me from now on! It’s really annoying!”

        Levi Garrison forcibly drove the Shu Tianwang away.

        Heavenly King Shu stood outside, staring for a moment and then sighed: “Hey, Master’s temperament is still as aggressive and domineering as ever! 

Even if he becomes an ordinary person, it is like this!”

        “But you are an ordinary person after all. If you encounter enemies or danger, then you will know it will be too late!”..

        “That’s it, that’s all! I’ll take care of Master’s life worry-free!”

        The King of Shu specially arranged several masters to guard Levi Garrison’s side.

        This is of course also the meaning of the other eight heavenly kings.

        They all wanted to protect Levi Garrison.

        “You must hide yourself, and don’t let Master find you!”

        “King of heaven, don’t worry! He is just an ordinary person and won’t find us!”

        After a few people spoke, they scattered around the villa.

        At the same time, Levi Garrison glanced in several directions.

        As soon as these people appeared, he knew.

        King Shu said something wrong.

        Levi Garrison was really targeted by his enemies.

        Fengtian City is located in the northeast of Erudia.

        Covered with heavy snow, it is icy and snowy.

        Several people are exercising in a park.

        Taijiquan is slow, but it contains charm.

        Twenty degrees below zero, but a few people were wearing thin gowns.

        At this time, a man in a jacket came to the people.

        “The big thing is not good, the six people who sent out to kill Levi Garrison disappeared!”

        The man said.


        Several people stopped their actions and watched them all.

        “How is it possible? Messiah destroyed Levi Garrison’s martial arts line. He is definitely an ordinary person! How could the six of them disappear?”

        One of the old men in the black gown looked disbelief.

        “That’s probably someone secretly protecting Levi Garrison!”

        “It seems that Levi Garrison is so easy to kill!”

        Several others are humane.

        The old man in the black gown roared: “I don’t care who is protecting him! I have to avenge my son!”

        “Even if Yanlong Guard is protecting Levi Garrison, I have to kill! Yanlong Guard blocks, kill them all!”

        If other people heard this, they would be so scared that their eyes would fly out.

        What’s the identity of this old man?

        Messiah must get rid of?

        Have to kill all?

        Is this bragging too loud?

        But everyone else present was calm.

        It seems that there is no doubt that the old man has done this.

        “My three sons, the eldest son and my son have amazing martial arts talents.

        But only the three sons were born to be unable to practice martial arts. But he has a unique mind and a sense of tenacity! “

        “He vowed not to rely on me since he was a child, but to rely on his own efforts to build a bright future!”

        “He did create the Avengers that gave Erudia a headache. He is ambitious and has bigger plans behind it!

        But what this kid didn’t think was that I’ve been helping secretly! Otherwise, why would War Eagle Nation, East Island, and Star Nation let him be at 

his mercy? Otherwise, how could the Avengers grow to such a point? “

        “I have been wondering how far this child will grow up?”

        Suddenly the old man in the black gown had a grim look and roared, “But Levi Garrison designed to kill him!”

        “Levi Garrison, if you kill my child, then I will kill your child too!!! Let you taste the loss of your loved ones!”


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