The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1559


        Of course I have encountered it!

        Still two!

        They witnessed everything with their own eyes not long ago.

        “Huh? Have you met?”

        King Shu saw that several people were abnormal.


        “What’s wrong with King Shu? There is a North Demon level powerhouse in North Hampton? It’s terrible, right?”

        Thinking of Levi Garrison’s explanation, several people immediately changed the subject.

        “Yes, a North Demon level powerhouse has appeared. I am afraid that he will come to deal with the master.”

        “What’s going on, tell me right away!”

        After King Shu left, several people let out a long sigh of relief. ..

        “You remember, Mr. Ye must never be revealed!”

        Everyone nodded to each other.

        In the North Hampton area, the message of North Demon level powerhouses spread like wildfire.

        For a while, Erudia was panicking everywhere.

        Later, Erudia released a notice through TV or the media-to let everyone rest assured that nothing will happen.

        Even if a master of the North Demon level appears, Erudia still has nine heavenly kings.

        No one needs to be afraid.

        Zoey looked at Levi Garrison, who was staring at the TV, and smiled: “Although you said that you are an ordinary person, you still care about Erudia. If 

you are still there, I am afraid that you have already gone out to find this person. Right?”

        Levi Garrison just smiled and didn’t reply.

        What else are you looking for?

        They were all killed by him.

        But he was very curious about the people behind the black dragon.

        You can send out two strong men who are stronger than the North Devil to kill yourself at will.

        What kind of background does this have?

        He suddenly heard a sentence that the prison elder said-there are a part of this world that live in the abyss, don’t be curious and try to check them.

        When you stare at the abyss, the abyss also stares at you.

        The old man’s words are simple.

        It means that there are a lot of things you don’t know in the big world.

        This thing includes things and people, as well as secrets and so on.

        Just like the old man in prison.

        So far, Levi Garrison didn’t know his identity.

        The old man is like a god.


        So there are still many existences in this world that you don’t understand.

        The figure behind the black dragon is the tip of the mysterious iceberg.


        Levi Garrison took a long breath.

        No wonder Heilong’s files can’t be found in the slightest.

        You must know that the information of all the members of the other Avengers has been found, except for the black dragon.

        That shows that his background is scary.

        It is beyond the normal category.

        Even the hidden powers like the Four Great Gate Valves can’t even imagine the existence.

        “I don’t know what master they will send next?”

        Levi Garrison muttered to himself.

        I am so grateful to my teacher.

        Had it not been for him, he would have died a long time ago.

        The enemy is so powerful, what can you use to block it?

        Somewhere in the deep outskirts of Erudia Fengtian City, there is a small village hidden in the snow-capped mountains.

        There are wooden houses everywhere.

        In a wooden house, several people are grilling on the stove.

        These people are the ones who practice Tai Chi in the park.

        “It’s not good, they failed!”

        “The people who went to kill Levi Garrison disappeared again!”

        At this moment someone came running and shouted loudly.

        Heilong’s father heard: “What? Disappeared again?”

        “Do you know what’s going on?”

        Others also asked.

        The man shook his head: “I don’t know! It’s strange to say that the two masters who went to kill Levi Garrison this time were better than the North Devil! 

How could they disappear?”

        “Unless the nine heavenly kings join forces, no one can be the opponent of the two!”

        A cold light flashed in the eyes of Heilong’s father: “So there are other experts around Levi Garrison?”


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