The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1560


        “Do not rule out this possibility, otherwise, how could they disappear?”

        Other humane.

        “That’s not right! The two teams sent out this time are both better than the North Devil. How can Levi Garrison have people who kill them?”

        “I don’t think we should act rashly! Or find out what’s going on first? So as not to cause unnecessary trouble!”

        Someone suggested.

        The old man in the black gown looked angry: “It’s anxious, I’ll go kill Levi Garrison myself! My son can’t die in vain!”

        “Yes, the third brother can’t die in vain! It’s really impossible for us to join the world to kill!”

        The two brothers of Heilong exude terrible murderous aura.

        Judging from the aura of the two, they were much more powerful than the two sent to kill Levi Garrison.

        “No! Both of your brothers are powerful at the supreme level!”

        “Once you join the WTO, it will cause great turmoil!” mi. c

        “If they knew about it, it would be in trouble.”


        The previous powerhouses were judged by god-level and grandmaster.

        For example, the North Demon.

        It is the strongest in the Grandmaster level!

        But there are levels above the master!

        That is the supreme class!

        But the supreme class is a hundred times rarer than the master!

        At present, the information about the Supreme Powers is sealed in Messiah’s most confidential archives.

        Messiah has never heard of it.

        Because for a hundred years, I have never heard of it.

        But if you haven’t heard of it, it doesn’t mean that there is none.

        It can only show that you are not at a level enough to reach it.

        Now Levi Garrison did indeed get in touch.

        The supreme powerhouse has appeared! ! !

        The supreme-level powerhouse is equivalent to a lot of secrets that are beyond the norm.

        The real secrets are in the hands of very few.

        It calmed down for a while.

        Because Messiah is investigating, and Heilong’s father is also investigating.

        The Eagle Nation is still investigating the cause of William II’s death.

        It’s just that all three parties have found nothing…

        The person involved, Levi Garrison, was at ease, smiling to see that they were so busy.

        But during this time Levi Garrison understood a truth.

        Just like what the mentor said.

        He has no way of being an ordinary person in his life.

        This is true for his wife and children.

        So Levi Garrison is already guiding Levilia and Zoey to practice martial arts.

        They have a bit of strength, it’s best to protect themselves.

        But Levi Garrison would not directly tell Zoey that she would practice martial arts.

        It is only slowly guided by some methods similar to Tai Chi.

        As for Levilia, Levi Garrison is an all-round cultivation.

        Levilia is still young, is a good seed, and learns quickly.

        A few days later, Levilia was playing in a decent way.

        He yelled: “Grandma, Mom and Dad, Levilia will protect you from now on!”

        “From now on, Levilia will be the God of War!”

        Levilia’s big eyes were full of fighting spirit.

        Although Levilia is well-behaved, his personality is a bit like Levi Garrison.

        “Levi, I think you are idle! Retire from the position of God of War, and no subordinates can practice. Let’s train with both Levilia and Niang!”

        Emma glared at Levi Garrison.

        Zoey smiled and said, “Mom, don’t tell me! I feel that my body is obviously getting better!”

        “Well, I’ll join you tomorrow!”

        Emma said.

        “Sister-in-law, I also want to join!”

        Zhou Nanyan also raised his hand.

        “Good job, everyone!”

        Levi Garrison smiled.

        He understood a profound truth-the best protection is to make them stronger.

        Every day from now on, everyone can see Levi Garrison and several people playing Tai Chi-like fist in the open space.

        As everyone knows, this is the peerless technique taught to Levi Garrison by the old man.

        “Fool, right? Tai Chi for a family? It’s a shame!”


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