The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1561


        Everyone sneered when they saw Levi Garrison’s family practicing Tai Chi.

        Their behavior is too ridiculous to outsiders!

        Children, adults and old people practice together, it’s so funny!

        Especially after Songkui knew about it.

        It was even more embarrassing.

        But Emma and the others didn’t even think that their bodies would improve a lot invisibly.

        Even Emma is getting younger.

        This is still Levi Garrison deliberately controlling.

        Otherwise, add all kinds of magic medicine to the cultivation.

        They can all become strong in a very short time.

        Soon, Levi Garrison discovered that Levilia’s martial arts talent was too high and too high. ..

        The nine heavenly kings were trained by him.

        He was also selected from hundreds of millions of people in Erudia.

        Nature represents the highest talent.

        But compared with Levilia, it’s a far cry.

        Levilia’s talent is the highest that Levi Garrison has ever seen.

        The things taught her can not only learn, but also draw inferences.

        It is estimated that it will not be long before Levilianeng and Chen Wudao and his ilk can break their wrists.

        This is an unimaginable speed.

        In other words, Levilia is born a martial arts wizard!

        a week later.

        Seeing that Levi Garrison was still taking a few people to practice.

        Songkui and Zhang Wentao couldn’t bear it.

        “Levi Garrison, do you tickle if you don’t practice your hands all day?”

        “You always like to practice others, so what is your own strength?”

        “I heard that your martial art has been abolished and you can’t practice martial arts for life? So you pin your hopes on Levilia?”

        Songkui laughed.

        According to the disclosure of the Emperor Xishu and others, the fact that Levi Garrison’s martial art has been abolished is no longer news.

        Anyone with a little background knows that Levi Garrison can’t practice martial arts for life.

        “Levi Garrison can you beat me now?”

        “If I move you, do you dare to fight back?”

        Zhang Wentao relied on learning something from the clan of Xishu, so he wanted to take the opportunity to bully Levi Garrison.

        “You are not allowed to bully Dad!”

        Levilia jumped up one step at a time and kicked Zhang Wentao in the face.


        The exaggeration is that Zhang Wentao flew out after encountering a car accident-like force.

        Hit the wall hard.


        The audience was horrified!

        No one thought that Levilia could have such explosive power?

        Zhang Wentao is no ordinary adult.

        He has studied martial arts for more than a year in the clan of Xishu.

        I was kicked more than ten meters away by a kid…

        This matter quickly spread throughout the West Shu gate clan.

        Levilia’s martial arts talent is so high?

        It would be a shame to let her be an ordinary person!

        She should be cultivated into a genius!

        Many people in the West Shu gate planned to accept the monarch as apprentices.

        It is definitely a good story to have a female master in the future!

        King Shu and Messiah soon learned of this.

        Of course they must marvel at Levilia’s talent.

        But on the other hand, I have to marvel at Levi Garrison’s coaching ability!

        Even if his martial art is destroyed, his knowledge of martial arts is still there.

        Especially when he was so strong before, he also cultivated nine heavenly kings.

        He still has great value.

        “I think Levi Garrison can take up the position of instructor to cultivate more masters!”

        “Look at how he taught such a young daughter so much!”


        “That’s right, it just happens that Levi Garrison personally trained this technique, so it’s perfect for him to guide the students of Qianlong Project!”

        “Yes, and he can only guide, but not martial arts, there is no threat! It couldn’t be more appropriate!”

        But where they want to get it, Levi Garrison is unparalleled in battle!


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  1. I’m still confused about the gender of Levillia, is it a girl or a boy? Sometimes they refer to “it” As daughter, sometimes Son. Any inputs??

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