The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1566


        Levi Garrison finally knew why the first batch of Qianlong Project failed.

        It’s right to not break or stand!

        Qianlong plan followed suit.

        Can deliberately abolish the body without reaching the point of “broken”.

        Levi Garrison had improved because of this technique several times before.

        It’s all his life and death moments!

        Every time it is put to death and reborn!

        Either live!

        Or die!

        Levi Garrison has the belief in winning!

        He wants to survive!

        He can’t die!

        So every time this technique can bring surprises to Levi Garrison!

        Give him a new lease of life!

        It has greatly increased his strength!

        But Qianlong’s plan is different.

        Everyone’s “breaking” is deliberate.

        Abolish martial arts by oneself, and abolish one’s body to forcefully meet this standard.

        It is not a desperate situation at all!

        All you want is to practice this technique to make yourself stronger.

        There is no belief at all.

        Levi Garrison wanders on the verge of death every time.

        Strong willpower and thirst for survival flooded him.

        It is different from the students of Qianlong Project.

        They want to become stronger and learn this technique.

        But Levi Garrison just wanted to survive.

        That’s why he can practice this exercise!

        This is the root!

        No wonder the cultivation of a hundred geniuses is simply not useful.

        Instead, everyone was completely abolished.

        A smile crossed the corner of Levi Garrison’s mouth.

        In his opinion, now is the best time.

        Because all of them are completely abolished.

        There is no hope in this life.

        Like a wild dog.

        For this group of once proud geniuses, there is no difference from death.

        This is their desperate situation!

        They are eager to return to normal!

        Desire to return to the top!

        This is the real “break” situation.

        It was almost desperate with Levi Garrison.

        These people at this moment have strong beliefs!

        It’s time for them to practice which technique is suitable.

        “I really don’t understand what you are doing to see them? They are just failed experiments! A bunch of useless people!”

        “It’s Erudia who is raising a bunch of trash now. Every day I linger, I can only wait for death!”


        This is everyone’s attitude towards the first batch of failed members.

        They are even humbler than the beggars and tramps on the street.

        It is difficult for most people to move.

        “Look at this group of trash for yourself! I’m upset when I see them!”

        The person who brought Levi Garrison here, looked at everyone in disgust and left.

        “Levi Garrison, what are you doing? Are you here to humiliate us?”

        “If it weren’t for your exercises, could we become useless?”

        “We are like dogs now, we can only wait to die every day!”


        Everyone was crazy when they saw Levi Garrison.

        Levi Garrison is everyone’s real enemy!

        It was Levi Garrison’s technique that turned them into this way!

        “No, I’m here to give you a chance to be born again!”

        Levi Garrison smiled.

        “What? Let us be born again?”

        “Does it bring us back to normal? Impossible!”

        Everyone was surprised.

        Levi Garrison nodded: “Yes, it’s wrong! Let all of you return to normal!”


        Most people naturally don’t believe it.

        But a few people immediately scolded: “Everyone, keep your voice down!”

        They looked at Levi Garrison: “How to say?”

        “Remember which exercise I handed over?”

        Levi Garrison asked.

        “You are humiliating us! I can’t wait to kill you…”


        Everyone seemed crazy when they heard this exercise.

        “No, everyone, be quiet! Listen to what he said?”

        Xiao Feng shouted one of them.

        “Listen to me, now you are suitable for this exercise!”

        “It not only restores you to normal, but also doubles your strength!”


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