The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1569


        They are so eager to recover one day!

        Tell everyone that they are still geniuses!

        finally come!

        All this is given by Levi Garrison!

        “We have to work harder and don’t let Ye En people down! Understand?”

        Xiao Feng shouted at everyone.

        After the Qianlong plan failed, they were abandoned by Messiah.

        Abandoned by Shimen Master!

        Abandoned by family parents and sisters!

        Everyone is sighing!

        We are all looking forward to the day of Phoenix Nirvana!

        Seeing them achieve such results, Levi Garrison smiled sincerely.

        All “apprentices” have achieved considerable results.

        He was delighted in his heart.

        On this day, the trainees of the Qianlong Project came again to participate in the training organized by Levi Garrison.

        Levi Garrison looked at everyone and said with a smile: “Well, they are all good! The initial results! You have to continue and persist in completing the 

tasks I gave you! You will have a lot of opportunities!”

        “Now that you taste the sweetness, don’t be proud! Be calm!”

        Everyone held back their laughter.

        “Is he a fool?”

        “I really think we improved, he taught it?”

        “Does it have anything to do with him?”


        Many such voices sounded in the team.

        Everyone agreed that their improvement during this period had nothing to do with Levi Garrison.

        Besides, is it strange that that kind of pediatric training program can be improved?

        Listening to everyone’s broken thoughts, Levi Garrison took it seriously.

        “Although you have improved very quickly, you are far from reaching my expectations!”

        “You know? The first batch of students of Qianlong Project next door improve faster than you! Because they are desperate! They are more serious 

than you!”

        Levi Garrison said.


        As a result, everyone burst into laughter.

        “We are not improving quickly? Instructor Jin Fengtian said, we are the students he has met with the fastest improvement!”

        “I can increase my strength three times in such a short period of time, so what else?”

        “Do you have a false name? You don’t understand it at all!”

        Everyone questioned Levi Garrison.

        “Slow is slow! This speed is really not fast, it can only be said that Jin Bongtian has seen the world!”

        Levi Garrison sneered.

        He still took Levilia and himself as examples.

        The speed of their father and daughter’s progress is completely rockets!

        “Levi Garrison, please pay attention to your words, saying we can, but coach Jin Fengtian can’t!”

        Everyone is going to be angry.

        In the training base, they most admire the three instructors such as Jin Fengtian.

        Levi Garrison said they couldn’t!

        “No wonder, I heard people say that you took away all the first batch of 100 unsuccessful people!”

        “Do you still want to train them to be strong?”

        “Yes, didn’t he just say that those people are progressing much faster than us!”


        Everyone suddenly thought of this.

        One after another asked Levi Garrison.

        Levi Garrison nodded: “Yes, it’s wrong! Whether from the perspective of the whole or the individual. They are making progress faster than you!”

        Hearing Levi Garrison’s calm answer.

        A hundred people are going to explode.

        Levi Garrison didn’t put them in his eyes at all.

        Repeatedly provoke them!

        This is unbearable!

        “Good good, we won’t fight with you!”

        “Didn’t you say that the one hundred useless people are progressing faster than us? Well, let them come out and practice with us?”

        “If we lose, we are convinced!”

        “Yes, yes, let them come out and compare us!”


        Everyone shouted.


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