The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1571


        Everyone was watching Levi Garrison’s training.

        Shao Xingtian and other practitioners are indeed exaggerating.

        It’s really like playing house.

        Practice something that is too basic.

        Still practice with a little kid.

        Carrying water, climbing mountains, practicing Tai Chi…

        Is this for fitness?

        Sorry, Qianlong Project is to create a one-word king!

        How can I just play with it?

        Jin Fengtian reacted many times.

        I don’t think Levi Garrison deserves to be an instructor. mi. c

        All were suppressed by the person in charge.

        Now, it broke out completely.

        If the students do not agree, the problem will be serious.

        “Now the apology is useless! We all strongly demand that Levi Garrison be kicked out of the instructor position! Otherwise, we will not do it!”

        All a hundred students refused to agree.

        Jin Fengtian and Master Refining Skills also supported the expulsion of Levi Garrison.

        Messiah thought about his affection and wanted Levi Garrison to stay. After all, he wanted face.

        It can be seen from the effect.

        Levi Garrison’s training is really a mess.

        Is it effective to practice some of the most basic things?

        Therefore, Levi Garrison was not useful in Qianlong Project.

        “Look, you should quit! For the good of both parties!”

        The person in charge said tactfully.

        “Yes, you leave quickly! You are here to delay these geniuses!”

        “I think if there is no obstacle from you, the speed of the students’ improvement is not three times, but five times!”

        Jin Fengtian said coldly.

        The trainees reacted one after another.

        Isn’t it because participating in Levi Garrison’s training hindered their progress?

        Without him, they might have increased fivefold.

        “Levi Garrison must leave!”

        “Otherwise, we leave!”


        Everyone has a strong attitude.

        The person in charge and Li Changan looked at Levi Garrison embarrassedly: “Look…”

        Levi Garrison smiled and said, “Okay, then I will leave! But don’t regret it!”

        “You are gone, it is too late for us to be happy, what do we regret?”

        Shao Xingtian was happy.

        “Because if you don’t have me to train you, you will not be able to improve! Let alone improve three times, it’s hard to get half a point!”

        Levi Garrison smiled.

        Jin Fengtian’s training plan is good.

        But the potential of these genius seedlings is actually almost exploited.

        Redevelopment actually doesn’t make much sense.

        You have to go from other directions, and everyone makes a plan to improve.

        Therefore, Jin Fengtian’s training program will not improve these people much.

        It would be nice to be able to keep it up.

        Let alone five times, seven times improvement.

        That is wishful thinking!

        “Hahaha, I laughed! Levi Garrison doesn’t have you interfere with us, we will definitely improve five times, even seven times ten times!”

        “If you don’t believe me, wait and see!”

        Shao Xingtian shouted.

        “Well, well, I’ll wait and see!”

        Levi Garrison shook his head helplessly.

        He really wanted to teach these kids skills.

        But they refused on their own, and they had to drive themselves away.

        I don’t want this opportunity myself.

        Can’t blame others!

        “Go, Levilia, let’s go!”

        Finally, Levi Garrison left the Qianlong Project base.

        There was cheers in the base.

        It’s like sending away some plague god.

        “Next is the moment when we really take off!”

        Shao Xingtian and others were very excited.

        “Well, I believe that everyone will definitely reach the top under the guidance of our three instructors!”

        Jin Fengtian is also full of confidence.

        In their view, the progress of the students in the first stage was all contributed by them.

        There is nothing to do with Levi Garrison.

        “En, let’s look forward to it in a month!”


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    it’s so annoying by the day, what good of him will they ever appreciate, it’s so very unfortunate how they treat their hero.

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