The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1579


        Although Jin Fengtian was far away, his attention was all on Levi Garrison’s body.

        A bloodthirsty and brutality flashed in his eyes.

        No one can see it for so long.

        But Levi Garrison noticed it.

        After Shao Xingtian and others heard it, they stared at Levi Garrison angrily: “What do you mean?”

        “I advise you to stop training as soon as possible, otherwise you will be miserable! Even if you do not die, you will be completely useless!”

        Levi Garrison seriously persuaded.

        When their bodies consume vitality and blood, they are wasting their lives.

        Even the “do not break or build” technique cannot be saved.

        “Huh? Levi Garrison, can you make it clear, what on earth are you trying to express?”

        Everyone was dumbfounded. ..

        “To put it bluntly! You are taking drugs now! You should have taken some kind of drug that stimulates your strength!”

        “In a short period of time, your strength will increase by leaps and bounds! But this is what you bought from burning your vitality!”


        Levi Garrison said this.

        Everyone was taken aback.

        Faintly feels reasonable.

        Many people felt that there was always a problem before.

        Li Changan, who was not far away, trembled in his heart when he heard it.

        He had been skeptical before.

        Now hearing what Levi Garrison said, I gradually understood it in my heart.

        Is it really so?

        He looked at Jin Fengtian subconsciously and was startled in a cold sweat.

        “Levi Garrison, what are you talking nonsense? We are burning vitality? Why don’t I know?”

        “Yes, we don’t know our own body?”

        Shao Xingtian asked the others back.

        Levi Garrison smiled: “Come on, I will teach you a way to know if there is a problem with your body!”

        “Come, I don’t believe it!”

        “Come on, do it with me…”

        When Levi Garrison was about to teach everyone, Jin Fengtian and the two rushed over aggressively.

        “Levi Garrison, you are presumptuous!”

        “Students who came to question me? What are their problems?”

        Jin Fengtian roared.

        “Yes, Levi Garrison, are you trying to sow discord?”

        The master of physical training also roared.

        Now the two decided that Levi Garrison knew what.

        Naturally, Levi Garrison would not let Levi Garrison go on.

        “You know what you are doing well! For your own benefit, you are really unscrupulous!”

        “Are you going to abolish these hundred genius seedlings? Don’t think other people don’t know?”


        The more Levi Garrison said this, the more they panicked.

        “You ask everyone, is our training carried out normally? Messiah knows about each process!”

        “Furthermore, these are all my students, why should I harm them?”

        “You definitely treat a gentleman’s belly with the heart of a villain, because if you kick you out of the instructor’s position, you will hold a grudge!”

        Jin Fengtian was in a hurry and hurriedly shouted.

        The voice is getting louder and louder.

        “Do you believe him, or do you believe me?”

        Before Levi Garrison could speak, Jin Fengtian asked everyone.

        “Of course, instructor Jin, we trust you. Without you, how can we be today?”

        “Levi Garrison is clearly here to provoke discord! We are not fooled!”

        Shao Xingtian’s 100 students immediately expressed their views.

        No one believes in Levi Garrison.

        After all, Jin Fengtian brought them sweetness.

        Let them progress so fast.

        They have no reason to distrust Jin Fengtian.

        “Instructor Jin, of course we believe in you, and you really did bring out the results!”

        “We haven’t seen you harm people, what we have seen is progress!”

        The person in charge of Messiah looked at Levi Garrison again: “This time it is you who are wrong! You should not slander Instructor Jin! Hurry up and 

apologize to Instructor Jin!”


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