The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1580


        Mainly, what Levi Garrison said has no basis!

        What’s more, Jin Fengtian made real results.

        Erudia and Messiah both trusted.

        Levi Garrison talked about Jin Fengtian’s problem at this time, as if he was instigating discord.

        Levi Garrison glanced at everyone deeply and said, “Okay, I reminded you once anyway!”

        “If you continue to train, you will die or become disabled!”

        “Levi Garrison, you really don’t know what to do! You are looking for death!”

        Shao Xingtian was angry.

        Levi Garrison stopped paying attention to these people and turned and left.

        Jin Fengtian and the two looked at Levi Garrison’s back, and the two looked at each other.

        The eyes were full of killing intent.

        Levi Garrison seems to really know something, so the best way is to get rid of him.

        The dead will shut up!

        At this time, Li Changan had been staring at the two of them.

        Although he was one of the three major instructors in the previous training, he actually didn’t feel much involved.

        Everything is planned by the two of Jin Fengtian, and he is not allowed to participate at all.

        This is definitely a problem!

        Li Changan decided to find out what happened?

        After Levi Garrison came back.

        Continue to stimulate Xiao Feng and them.

        “The second batch of students of the Qianlong Project are currently better than you! You have a long way to go!”

        Levi Garrison said.

        But in fact, the 100 people of Shao Xingtian and the 100 people of Xiao Feng have no law at all.

        Neither side is on the same level anymore.

        Even if Shao Xingtian’s 100 people took special medicines, they still couldn’t keep up with Xiao Feng and the others.

        But Levi Garrison wanted to deliberately say something ironic.

        Let Xiao Feng and the others continue to work hard!

        You must work quietly, and then surprise the whole world!

        Levi Garrison looked at a group of young people holding their fists, eyes full of expectation.

        After Jin Fengtian and his party returned to the base, they continued to train.

        Li Changan began to pay attention to the two.

        Jin Fengtian didn’t know it at all.

        “Levi Garrison is aware now, what should we do?”

        The master of physical training seemed a little flustered.

        “Why don’t we just stop now, I can’t bear to see these children abolished! And you are still a big summer, can you still watch your compatriots die?”

        But Jin Fengtian smiled contemptuously: “In fact, I am still a member of the War Eagle Nation, and now I am restored to Erudia nationality because 

they have given generous terms! What does the life and death of these Erudia people have to do with me?”

        “The Qianlong Plan is still as usual, the amount of potion has to be reduced a bit, otherwise it is easy to get a clue!”

        Jin Fengtian said.

        “As for Levi Garrison, I’m afraid of bad things from him! Let’s find someone to kill him!”

        Jin Fengtian was all murderous.

        “Okay, leave this to me!”

        “Levi Garrison will not survive tomorrow!”


        The two did not expect that the conversation was all heard by Li Changan outside.

        Sure enough, there is a problem!

        An irritation flashed across Li Changan’s face.

        These two people want to abolish all these students for their own benefit.


        They want to kill Levi Garrison!

        He must stop!

        Knowing the truth, Li Changan chose not to move.

        He was afraid of stunning the snake.

        After he has collected all the evidence, he will expose the two people.

        All you need to do now is to tell Levi Garrison first.

        When they came to Levi Garrison, Li Changan told all the news that Jin Fengtian and the two were about to kill him.

        But Levi Garrison looked calm and smiled: “I know, they will definitely come to kill me.”

        “Then you can still laugh?”

        Li Changan is very different.

        “Come on, let me kill a few!”


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