The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1581


        Levi Garrison’s face was indifferent and Li Changan was stunned.

        If it was him before, even if the whole world targeted him.

        He doesn’t care about it.

        But now you are an ordinary person, and you still don’t care so much?

        Is this joking with your own life?

        “Is there anything else? If there is anything wrong, leave quickly!”

        Levi Garrison gave the order to chase off the guests.

        “Then be careful yourself! It’s better to hide! They will never let you go!”

        Li Changan took a deep look at Levi Garrison.

        “Be careful, too, let them know it!”

        Levi Garrison reminded me. mi. c

        Li Changan smiled: “Don’t worry! No! I am Messiah’s special instructor, they dare not kill me!”

        Li Changan didn’t take this matter to heart.

        He even felt that Levi Garrison was thinking too much.

        Not caring about his own life and death, but caring about himself.

        But he still prayed that Levi Garrison could tide over the difficulties.

        After Li Changan returned to the base, he found that the two of Jin Fengtian were using medicine secretly.

        He quietly recorded the evidence.

        On the other side, the master recruited by the master of physical training has arrived.

        Eight people sneaked into North Hampton to assassinate Levi Garrison.

        Soon the two sides met.

        “You guys go try it!”

        Levi Garrison asked the six guards sent by King Shu to try.

        The six have been training with Levi Garrison all this time.

        Just try to make progress?

        The two sides fought a battle and ended in a tie.

        It is a great improvement for the six.

        After all, the other eight people are the hidden masters of the Tai Kingdom.

        The six opponents were also shocked.

        Are these six little guys blocking them?

        “You Levilia!”

        The most surprising thing was that Levi Garrison pulled Levilia in front of him.

        Seeing the little boy Levilia came to challenge them, the eight masters were dumbfounded.

        How do you look down on them?

        A little kid came to deal with them…


        **Naked provocation!

        “Kill her!!!”

        One of them couldn’t bear it, and immediately rushed forward, making a sudden killing move on Levilia!


        A terrible scene appeared, and this person was kicked flying by Levilia.

        After hitting the ground heavily, he couldn’t get up anymore.

        The other seven people were stunned.

        “Go! Go together!”

        The remaining seven people shot one after another.





        Levilia fought with the seven.

        Soon, all the seven flew out.

        Everyone fell to the ground, looking at Levilia this little kid in an incredible way!

        They are going crazy!

        The eight masters who are well-known in the Tai Kingdom were defeated by a little kid…


        The six guards were also shocked!

        None of these eight people turned out to be Levilia’s opponent…


        too frightening!

        The key is how old Levilia is…

        The six guards became more determined.

        Be sure to follow Levi Garrison.

        Only in this way can we have a bright future!

        “Take them away!”

        After speaking, Levi Garrison took Levilia to leave.

        Today is Levi Garrison’s first actual battle with Levilia.

        It turns out to be very successful!

        In the future, if you want to improve, you must sharpen it more.

        This is the beginning!

        Soon the two of Jin Fengtian knew about it.

        “What? It failed?”

        “Impossible, I deliberately sought out eight top masters from the Tai Kingdom! How could I fail?”

        “Levi Garrison is an ordinary person, and there are no masters around him! How could they fail?”

        The two looked surprised.

        When Li Changan learned about this, he was also extremely surprised.

        How did Levi Garrison survive?

        This makes sense!

        Levi Garrison is an ordinary person!


        So confused!


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