The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1586


        Everyone didn’t expect it to happen all at once.

        Levi Garrison stabbed each of them.

        The two of them covered their hearts with blood gurgling.


        Both Jin Fengtian were dumbfounded.

        Looking at Levi Garrison incredulously.

        what happened?

        How can an ordinary person have such a fast speed?

        Soon they have no chance to react at all.

        The consciousness of the two gradually disappeared…

        Judging from Levi Garrison’s momentum just now, they were sure that Levi Garrison would definitely dare to make a move.

        But if an ordinary person shoots, how can they stop it.

        Let him kill it!

        But I didn’t think that when Levi Garrison made a move, the two big masters didn’t have time to react at all.

        I was stabbed twice by Levi Garrison…

        When the two died, Levi Garrison was not an ordinary person at all.

        He is still strong!

        Powerful enough that they were killed without any reaction!

        But in the eyes of others, it is a different matter.

        It was Jin Fengtian who stood still and made Levi Garrison to kill.

        Everyone felt that Levi Garrison didn’t dare to do it.

        But Levi Garrison did it.

        The two were unprepared and they were killed by Levi Garrison.

        “If there is justice, I will fight for justice!”

        “The rules don’t let me kill me, I will kill!”

        “You won’t let me kill, I just want to kill!”

        “Murder pays for life, it is justified!”

        Levi Garrison’s whole body is murderous, like a god of death who harvests life.

        Play sideways with him?

        He is more horizontal than you!

        I will not only kill!

        Also kill in front of everyone!

        This is Yoko!


        Everyone was scared silly!

        How can an ordinary person have this kind of aura?

        He has a look in the eyes of everyone in the room!



        It wasn’t until Jin Fengtian fell to the ground that everyone reacted.

        “Instructor Jin!!!”

        Shao Xingtian immediately jumped on them.

        It’s just that Levi Garrison’s two cuts are thorough, and he doesn’t give the two a chance to survive.

        “Levi Garrison, a good thing you did! You are over, you are completely over!”

        “You killed the two instructors of the Qianlong Project, you are abolished in this life, and you will be finished with your family!”

        Shao Xingtian and the others stared at Levi Garrison.

        “Levi Garrison, you are crazy!!!”

        “You not only killed two people, you killed two of Erudia’s heroes! What you killed was Erudia’s hope!”

        “You personally ruined Qianlong Plan! You ruined Erudia’s future!”

        The base was in charge of the crowd yelling frantically.

        The two men died.

        The Qianlong Project is equivalent to waste!

        Because of emotion, reason and rules, Levi Garrison can’t kill it!

        “Levi Garrison, you are provoking Messiah’s majesty! You are provoking Erudia!!!”

        “You know the law and break the law, are you really going to fight against Erudia?”

        Everyone stared at him tightly.

        “No, I never wanted to provoke Erudia in the past! I am dedicated to Erudia! I just did something right in my way!”

        “Brother Chang’an, I have avenged your grudge! Don’t worry about your walk along the way!”

        Levi Garrison roared a few times, and walked away.

        “Brothers just let him go like this?”

        Shao Xingtian shouted.

        “No! He killed the instructor and must not let him go!”

        The crowd rushed over with red eyes.

        The three layers inside and outside surrounded Levi Garrison.

        “Murder pays for life!!!”

        Shao Xingtian and others pushed towards Levi Garrison step by step.

        “f*ck me away!”

        Levi Garrison’s eyes shot brilliantly.

        “We just won’t let you, today you don’t want to leave here alive!”


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