The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1587


        Shao Xingtian and the others settled their minds and wanted to avenge Jin Fengtian.

        Everyone looked at Levi Garrison murderously.

        “I can’t help myself!”

        In Levi Garrison’s eyes now, they are as weak as ants.

        One finger can blow everyone up.

        The rattling atmosphere is on the verge.

        “Hold on, let him go!”

        Shouted the head of the base.

        This matter is too big.

        Far beyond his control.

        He can’t solve it. mi. c

        It can only be reported to the senior Messiah to solve it.

        Levi Garrison can only leave now.

        “He killed Instructor Jin? Just let him go?”

        “I’m not convinced!”

        Shao Xingtian refused to agree.

        “Can’t let him go!!!”

        All the students were crazy and wanted to block Levi Garrison.

        “Let him go, this is an order!”

        The person in charge of Messiah shouted.

        Everyone could only separate one road, and watched Levi Garrison leave.

        “I have to say, you personally destroyed the Qianlong Project!”

        The moment Levi Garrison walked out of the base, the person in charge gritted his teeth.

        The Qianlong plan that Erudia spent so much to build was completely destroyed in Levi Garrison’s hands.

        But Levi Garrison smiled: “Who said the Qianlong Project was ruined? I will send you a batch of better ones!”

        Isn’t Xiao Feng’s group much better than Shao Xingtian and the others?

        In the true sense, Levi Garrison’s successor!

        He didn’t do anything wrong in this matter.

        The Qianlong Project was stopped in time, so that Shao Xingtian’s 100 people would no longer be persecuted.

        At the same time, the two malignant tumors of Jin Fengtian were eliminated.

        “You…you wait for serious consequences!!!”

        The crowd roared anxiously.

        The Qianlong Project base fell into a dead silence.

        The person in charge quickly reported the matter.

        On the other side, Levi Garrison was on the way back.

        The corner of his mouth suddenly conjured up a strange arc.

        He noticed that a super master was following him in the dark…

        He even said that he has followed here from the Qianlong Project Base.

        Very strong!

        Super strong!

        A master much stronger than the North Demon!

        It can even be said that Levi Garrison has encountered the most powerful master.

        If it was him before, I would be desperate when I met this one.

        Fortunately, he has a teacher.

        Give him a new lease of life.

        Levi Garrison let him follow.

        All the way back to North Hampton.

        In the training base he built.

        Xiao Feng and the others are training seriously, and the six guards and Levilia are among them.

        The scene was in full swing.

        When everyone saw Levi Garrison coming, they stopped everything at hand and looked over respectfully.

        The pseudo-extreme master in the dark was taken aback.

        It turns out that Levi Garrison has trained so many masters?

        He could see that this group of young people was much better than the group in Qianlong Project.

        And this kid, so talented?

        Even if they can’t pick one out of that place, right?

        What a horror!

        Sure enough, Levi Garrison has many secrets…

        He immediately became excited.

        I can really find what I want today!

        Levi Garrison glanced at everyone and said, “Today, I will arrange another actual battle for you!”

        “The opponent is very strong! Strong enough to make people desperate!”

        “You must rely on your own strength to punish him! Either he will die, or you will die!”

        “I won’t do it, even if you die!”

        After Xiao Feng and others heard it, their expressions were complicated.

        But fighting spirit is high.

        “We want to live! We want to defeat the opponent!”

        Xiao Feng roared.


        The others yelled too.

        “Okay, let’s get started!”

        Levi Garrison suddenly looked in one direction: “My friend has followed me all the way, come out!”


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