The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1593


        Levi Garrison said something similar before.

        No one would believe it.

        Is it really so?

        Black Dragon’s father shook his head again and again: “Messiah used this kind of indiscriminate means to train people? No, I should say that 

you have a problem with your brain.

        This kind of drug improves your strength at the moment of life and death. How do you use it in your usual training?

        This group of children must die! No one can live! “

        “Yes, feel the body, the vitality is lost, the life essence and blood are coughed up… Obviously it is the cost of burning life…”

        Others also pointed out this fact.


        Everyone was surprised.

        Especially after Shao Xingtian heard them, they were completely dumbfounded. ..

        I think of it again, and there is no reaction after taking the medicine.

        Basically, this matter can be determined.

        “Who the hell has such a big hatred with Messiah, who uses this method to harm people?”

        Black Dragon’s father asked.

        It’s impossible for Li Changan!

        Levi Garrison is impossible!

        That can only be Jin Fengtian!

        understood! ! !

        The progress of the students at first had nothing to do with Jin Fengtian.

        It was everyone who participated in Levi Garrison’s special and ordinary training program.

        Later, in order to keep his position and his own interests, Jin Fengtian secretly used this life-burning potion to achieve the effect of improvement.

        Jin Bongtian deceived everyone…

        In the international competition, Levi Garrison had raised questions a long time ago.

        We also need to teach you methods to test.

        It’s just that no one listened to him at the time.

        On the contrary, he still thinks that he is instigating discord…

        It turns out that people have seen it a long time ago.

        Later, Li Changan discovered the clues and has been searching for evidence.

        But he was beaten by Jin Fengtian and the others, saying it was theft of secrets and treason.

        Also killed Li Changan.


        Deep self-blame!

        Thinking of this, Shao Xingtian vomited blood again.

        Thinking about it now, Levi Garrison didn’t do anything wrong at all.

        He killed both Jin Fengtian, not only to avenge Li Changan, but also to kill Erudia.

        It’s just that everyone is blinded again.

        They all think that Levi Garrison is wrong.

        He was also put in prison and sentenced to life imprisonment.


        Messiah was wrong again!


        The heads of Shao Xingtian and others almost exploded.

        It turns out that Levi Garrison has always been kind to them!

        Let them improve first!

        Several times later blocked Jin Fengtian from coming to save their lives!

        But these people will avenge their grievances and kill Levi Garrison!



        Soon, Shao Xingtian and others vomited blood.

        Some people twitched a few times and then stopped moving.

        Their lifespan is exhausted…

        He died when he was less than twenty years old.

        “I don’t want to die, I want to live!!!”

        “Hurry up and let Mr. Levi Garrison come out and rescue us! He must have a way!”

        “I’m still young, I don’t want to die? Why don’t I listen to Levi Garrison? Why why? Puff!!!”

        A bloody dart shot, and another fell to the ground.


        A similar scene is staged here.

        Hundreds of students died one after another.

        The people in charge of the base were shocked, and the students were even more shocked.

        At this time everyone thought of Levi Garrison’s arrival, it was too late, too late.

        They wanted to call Levi Garrison to save people.

        But they all took them to prison.

        It’s too late to come.




        People are still dying one by one.

        “I’m unwilling…”

        Shao Xingtian shouted, and he eventually fell to the ground.

        “We blamed Levi Garrison again!”


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