The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1594


        The person in charge of the base and everyone else was distraught.

        They finally realized their mistake!

        Levi Garrison is wrong!

        He helped Erudia again!

        They are sinners! ! !

        Sin is unforgivable! ! !

        Everyone should understand a truth-Levi Garrison is worthy of your trust at any moment.

        it’s good now.

        Levi Garrison was imprisoned, and his heart was chilled for the second time!

        Also let the genius seedlings of Qianlong Project abolish!

        Blame Messiah!

        Blame Messiah for everything!

        “Blam me, I’ll die!”

        The person in charge was about to bump his head suddenly.


        How could a terrible force stop him.

        “Die later! Tell me where Levi Garrison is?”

        Black Dragon’s father said.


        Everyone at the base was taken aback.

        “You…who are you? What are you looking for Levi Garrison for?”

        Everyone focused on the father of the black dragon.

        At this moment, Messiah headquarters sent a message.

        Everyone reacted one by one.

        This is the mysterious team that defeated the 80,000 army in Fengtian.

        They have come to North Hampton.

        Come to see Levi Garrison.

        “Let’s kill Levi Garrison!”

        Heilong’s father showed sharp sharpness in his eyes.


        The person in charge of the base was shocked when he heard it.

        This group of mysterious people who made a sensation all over the world, who possessed supreme-level powerhouses, unexpectedly came to kill Ye 


        “As far as I know, Levi Garrison has no grievances with you, right? How could you kill him?”

        The person in charge asked suspiciously.

        “To tell you the truth, my son is the leader of the Avengers! Levi Garrison killed him!”

        The Black Dragon father admits everything.


        Everyone came to understand now.

        But Levi Garrison’s plan to kill the black dragon was also for Erudia!

        “I heard that you took Levi Garrison, where is he? Tell me quickly!”

        “Otherwise, kill all of you!”

        Black Dragon’s father said coldly.

        The head of the base and the others looked at each other.

        Everyone understands what they mean.

        Levi Garrison did his best for Erudia and gave so much.

        Now he is more of an ordinary person, and he will undoubtedly die when he encounters this group.

        They want to protect him!

        To make up for the two previous mistakes.

        “Don’t think about it, you don’t want to know where Levi Garrison is!”

        “Furthermore, the entire Erudia and Messiah will protect him! You want to kill him without a door!”

        “Where do you come from? Where do you go!”


        Hearing this, Black Dragon’s father smiled.

        “Even Messiah can stop us? You are the frogs at the bottom of the well after all!”

        “Messiah dare to stop, we will destroy it with one hand!”

        They are arrogant and domineering.

        Don’t put anyone in the eye.

        But they have this confidence!

        “Tell me where Levi Garrison is, otherwise I will kill you all!”

        Black Dragon’s father threatened.

        “Stop dreaming!”

        “Hurry up and spread the message! Let Messiah do everything possible to protect Levi Garrison! Even if he is an ordinary person, he is Erudia’s 


        The person in charge of the base has made a good faith belief in death.


        Black Dragon’s father was expressionless.

        Give an order.

        Soon, the entire base fell.

        “The big thing is not good! The mysterious organization attacked the Qianlong Project base and everything was destroyed!”

        “Their whereabouts next is unknown!”


        Messiah began to mess up.

        Knowing that the opponent has a supreme powerhouse in charge, there is more than one.

        They have no way at all.

        “Block, block at all costs!”

        “To protect Levi Garrison!”


        Messiah can only do meaningless obstructions.

        the other side.

        “I found it, Levi Garrison was detained in Nanjing No. 1 Prison!”

        Black Dragon’s father immediately dispatched them.


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