The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1601


        “Surprise? What surprise?”

        Everyone was taken aback.

        “You guys come out!”

        Levi Garrison clapped his hands.

        Soon, Xiao Feng and others all walked out.

        “What? Can you get out of bed and walk?”

        “No, your strength is restored?”

        “No, no, your strength is…”


        Feeling the changes made by Xiao Feng and others, Messiah’s people were going crazy.

        Is this still that bunch of people? ..

        Once Xiao Feng and others were raised as animals.

        At that time everyone thought they had no value at all.

        Not as good as a dog!

        In a short period of time, they even changed.

        It can even be said to be a qualitative change.

        Among the hundred people, there are at least two fingers that can match the North Devil.

        Especially Xiao Feng is even stronger.

        Faintly is about to reach the realm of a pseudo-extreme powerhouse.

        It is by no means comparable to the nine heavenly kings.

        And it’s no exaggeration to say that Xiao Feng’s hundreds of people can definitely punish the supreme powers by joining forces.

        They are still making terrible progress.

        This is the most terrifying point.

        “The Qianlong Project was successful! It’s better than we thought!”

        “Thank you for the word side by side king! You will always be Erudia’s side by side king!”

        Everyone was about to cry with joy.

        “Now they can go out to be alone! But you are still very weak now! Every battle you encounter in the future will be fateful! You know how to do it!”

        Levi Garrison struck mercilessly.

        Everyone: “…”.

        Is this still weak?

        Is there any reason?

        To be honest, there is no one that Messiah can use now that is better than them.

        With a hundred Xiao Feng, Erudia’s strength will be greatly enhanced.

        According to this trend, Xiao Feng will sooner or later be a supreme powerhouse.

        If there is the first, there will be the second.

        This group of people has unlimited potential.

        Must be the backbone of Erudia.

        Messiah took Xiao Feng and the others back.

        An emergency meeting was immediately called.

        Basically, all the big battles in Erudia have participated.

        Messiah has to deal with any crisis that may occur in the future.

        Strictly speaking, the major supreme-level powerhouses are their own masters.

        Will not belong to a certain country or something.

        Therefore, Erudia must not only stare at foreign enemies, but also at the supreme powerhouses within Erudia.

        “Everyone should be clear about the covenant of the gods? Next we will face an unprecedented predicament!”

        “Death is a small matter, maybe the entire Erudia will fall into purgatory…”

        The high-level Messiah said that the matter was terrible.

        Everyone looked solemn.

        “I have a question……”

        Xiao Feng said.

        “Xiao Feng, you say!”

        Everyone looked at Xiao Feng.

        “Didn’t the creators of the covenant of the gods want world peace and the people will not suffer? Now that someone breaks the covenant of the 

gods, shouldn’t they have to come out and take care of it?

        “And just because one person broke the rules, the covenant of the gods broke?”

        Xiao Feng said his doubts.

        This is the question of many people.

        Everyone thinks the covenant of the gods is too trivial.

        Just because one person broke?

        “Wrong! It’s really because one person broke it!”

        “Why does the existence of the covenant of the gods ignore the suffering of the world?”

        “That’s because they want a new world to appear! The covenant of the gods has restrained the Supreme Power for too long, and this world has 

changed too much! They want to see the emergence of a new world!”

        “So no matter how the supreme-level powerhouses make their moves, they won’t care about it!”

        Everyone was shocked.

        This group of people sounds like the master of this world.


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