The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1602


What exactly do they exist?

Can make all the supreme powers disappear!

Also has super strength above all beings!

They want a world replacement…

“What kind of existence are the masters who made the covenant of the gods?”

Everyone is curious.

“I don’t know! Even Erudia’s most mysterious information contains no records!”

“No one has seen them, no one has been in contact with…”


There were all gasping voices in the court.

What kind of existence must this be?

They are like gods.

Watching the whole world.

But they can’t reach this group of people.

The biggest crisis now comes from these supreme-level powerhouses.

“They don’t care, so it’s for sure that the supreme powerhouse will mess up the world!”

“Moreover, there must be a group of malicious countries or forces that will fight Erudia’s ideas. Our future will be very difficult. We must be fully prepared!”

“The enemy is too strong!”

“Everyone must work hard!”

Messiah formulated a series of deployments in order to be able to compete with the supreme-level powerhouses.

Erudia’s soldiers began to train frantically.

Messiah arranged a lot of pill medicine to cooperate with Levi and the various combat techniques and techniques promoted by the major hidden forces.

To improve the overall combat effectiveness.

The situation is getting more severe.

Darkness is really coming.

“Hey, we are really stupid! Why do you abolish Levi’s martial art!”

“I can guarantee that if Levi’s martial art is restored, I will definitely have one more supreme powerhouse in Erudia!”

“Regret! We regret it!”

“How about this, let’s use all our strength to find a way to restore the martial art? Restore the martial art to Levi as soon as possible!”

“Okay, just do it!”

When Messiah made up for their stupid behavior.

There is no difference between Levi’s family and the past.

The only difference is that  Levilia   Garrison and Zoey are constantly improving.

When Zoey knocked over a wall with his bare hands, they finally understood that a qualitative leap had taken place.

Levi didn’t dare to tell that they had become martial arts masters.

I’m afraid they won’t be able to accept it.

After all, a white-collar worker at work deals with financial stocks every day.

You suddenly told her that you became a master of martial arts.

It is difficult for them to accept.

After all, they regard Levi’s training as fitness.

“Levi, I will protect you from now on! Hell…”

Zoey gladly accepted it.

Mia and even his mother Emma accepted all this.

“At Levi, we know what you think. You want us to be strong and not easily fall into danger!”

“I have also heard that the times have changed too much now. There are many dangers! We have the best ability to protect ourselves!”

“It’s a pity that your body is no longer able to practice martial arts. This is the worst decision Messiah has ever made!”

Zoey said a pity for a few people.

As an instructor, Levi organizes their training and can turn them into martial arts masters.

If he doesn’t use his own martial arts, he doesn’t know how strong he is now.

“Nothing, Levi trains us well, and we all become strong! This way, no one can bully us!”

Emma said.

“Yes, brother, I will practice with you every day from now on!”

Mia also clenched his fists.

For a time, everyone was full of fighting spirit.

It was Levi who guarded them before.

Now they are here to guard Levi.

“Grandma, you are wrong, Dad is the strongest!”

 Levilia   Garrison shouted.


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