The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1604


        However, Xiao Feng immediately passed the message to Levi Garrison.

        Levi Garrison’s reply was for him to solve and let Xiao Feng block all information.

        After Xiao Feng made the operation.

        The whereabouts of Tuoba’s clan disappeared.

        No one knows.

        After that battle, Levi Garrison clearly knew his strength.

        He is not afraid of Tuoba family.

        But what made Levi Garrison strange was that he discovered that someone was staring at their family in the dark recently.

        From the perspective of breath, he is definitely a supreme powerhouse.

        Especially when Levilia and the others were training, that person kept staring.

        It seems very interested.

        However, there is no hostility for the time being.

        Levi Garrison pretended not to find out.

        He wants to see what these people are doing?

        Soon the Tuoba clan went south to Jiangbei.

        Directly towards Levi Garrison came.

        Thousands of thousands of Tuoba family besieged Levi Garrison.

        Tuoba Zunpeng, Tuoba Zuncheng, and Tuoba Zunli led the team personally.

        Tuoba Zunwan is the third child of the Tuoba family.

        “Levi Garrison killed our nephew Long Cheng, are you convicted?”

        Tuoba Zunpeng roared.

        “It’s wrong, I killed him. And I killed him and his two brothers!”

        Levi Garrison admitted frankly.

        “Huh? You!”


        “The youngest and the third line of them was annihilated because they violated the covenant of the gods! What does it have to do with you?”

        The crowd retorted.

        Levi Garrison helplessly spread his hands: “When have I been the maker of Cheng’s Covenant of Gods?”

        “Stop talking nonsense!”

        “Come here today to kill you!”

        One of the young men walked towards Levi Garrison.

        He raised his fist, raging vigorously, with gusts of wind.

        The power of a punch is terrifying.

        In everyone’s eyes, Levi Garrison, an ordinary person, would have to die with a punch.

        “You are not allowed to bully Dad!!!”

        At this moment, the voice of a murderer sounded.

        A child suddenly appeared in front of Levi Garrison.

        The little fist banged up.


        After a muffled noise.

        “Ding Ding Ding Ding…”

        The young master of the Tuoba clan withdrew more than a dozen steps.


        He spurted blood even more.

        He looked at the little bit in front of him incredulously.

        Staring at him fiercely.

        To protect his father, Levilia raised his fist.

        But this shot.

        Shock the audience!

        Levilia knocked back the master of the Tuoba clan with a single punch.

        Although he is a master of the Tuoba clan.

        But that is definitely a master.

        He was kicked out by a few-year-old kid.

        Levi Garrison touched Levilia’s head: “Levilia really is the best!”

        The audience was silent.

        Tuoba Zunpeng and everyone else didn’t react.

        Staring at Levilia unblinking eyes.


        too frightening!

        This kind of genius is rare in the world!

        Even the Tuoba clan, the supreme-level strong and the pseudo-extreme-level strong are like clouds.

        Geniuses come out in large numbers.

        There is no such a genius as Levilia!

        too frightening!

        “This is the strongest genius I have ever seen, there is no one!”

        “Once this little baby is known by others, it will definitely make a sensation in the world and will be snatched by everyone!”

        The trio of Tuoba Zunpeng showed terrible smiles.

        They want to take the king away and cultivate.

        Who doesn’t want such a genius seedling?

        “Come here, listen to my orders! Kill Levi Garrison, and then take this little baby back!”

        “She must be the hope for my Tuoba family to stand in the future!”

        Tuoba Zunpeng smiled greedily.

        The masters pressed against Levi Garrison and Levilia.

        “I see who dares to move my apprentice?”

        Suddenly, a loud shout came.


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