The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1608


        “Does the mother understand that the child is expensive?”

        “Levilia is the hope of Wushuang City, and you follow to enjoy the blessing! Indirectly, you are the people of Wushuang City!”

        “It’s like a fish in water in this era!”


        The old lady and the crowd persuaded.

        Not only Levilia’s parents, but also Levilia’s seven aunts and eight aunts also took off.

        In the true sense, one person can ascend to heaven.

        It’s like the richest man born in a small village, and the whole village follows to enjoy the blessing.

        It’s just that now ordinary people are replaced by supreme-level powerhouses.

        Therefore, both the Li family and the Western Shu family wanted Levilia to go to Wushuang City.

        “I feel good too!”  

        “Well, indeed, Levilia’s talent needs a bigger stage!”

        Emma and Mia also agreed that Levilia was taken as a disciple.

        Of course they are different from those people.

        Those people are for their own benefit.

        They are for the good of Levilia.

        Levi Garrison looked at Zoey: “Do you think so too?”

        Zoey nodded: “Yes, it’s wrong! Although I can’t bear Levilia, Levilia is destined to be unable to be an ordinary person. It’s better to give Levilia a 

bright future!”

        “I know that you have a high level of coaching, and we have all become masters in a short time. But Levilia is too talented, you must not waste half 

a point!

        Nowadays, there is no twin city to cultivate monarchs, and they have to use all their resources! I think this is Levilia’s stage! “

        Zoey’s words made everyone in Wushuang City admire.

        “Well, there are still people who make sense!”

        The second elder looked at Levi Garrison with a sneer: “Levi Garrison heard that? Even your wife is saying that the talent of this baby girl is wasted on your 


        “No matter how hard you train, you don’t deserve to be this kid’s master!”

        Zoey looked at Levi Garrison with a complicated expression.

        She did mean so.

        It’s the same with others.

        They all felt that if Levilia let Levi Garrison keep her, her talent would be wasted.

        To put it bluntly, what are you robbing Wushuang City from a waste person?

        Levi Garrison pursed his lips.

        Originally, he would never let Levilia leave him for half a step.

        But he had a new idea.

        Decided to let Levilia go to Wushuang City.

        First, both mother and wife agree.

        Second, Wushuang City treats Levilia as a treasure, and Levilia is not dangerous.

        Third, let Levilia experience it.

        “Well, if that’s the case, I reluctantly agreed. But I have the conditions!”

        Levi Garrison said.

        “If someone else makes a request, I will kill it on the spot, but for the face of this girl, I allow you to mention one!”

        The second elder looked at Levi Garrison murderously.

        But he looked amiable to Levilia again.

        “Child, I want to see it once every three days!”

        “No! Resolutely no! Watch it once a year!”

        “Watch it once in seven days!”


        After some argument.

        The two sides reached a compromise.

        Allow Levi Garrison to visit them once a month.

        “I think you are good! You are Levilia’s mother again, I decided to accept you as a disciple!”

        “And you, Levilia’s aunt. You are with you too.”

        The third elders are also women, and they are very talented when seeing Zoey and Mia.

        To accept two as apprentices.

        In the end, the two were accepted as registered disciples.

        The two do not have to go to Wushuang City deliberately.

        Still continue normal life.

        But the Three Elders will occasionally guide them…

        “Levi Garrison really didn’t think that your daughter, wife, and sister would all be accepted as apprentices by Wushuang City!”

        “What about you? Relying on a group of women to protect you? You are really embarrassing!”

        Everyone’s words are heartbreaking, but it is true.


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  1. Juvin Trompeta Sumbanon

    Ah, how come those people did not realized why Zoey and Mia became Master in a very short period of time.? They did not ask themselve who trained the three women…?

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