The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1610


        Now everyone around you can practice martial arts.

        Even Li Songkui and the others will clamor to become the supreme powerhouse.

        However, the once great hero, the invincible God of War, has abolished his martial arts, and he can no longer practice martial arts for his life.

        The old cat and dog stood in front of you, showing off what he was.

        He even had to act on Levi Garrison.

        You can only clenched your fists and watched helplessly…

        This is an invisible injury and blow.

        Especially for a former king, the gap and pressure are really unbearable.

        Enough to destroy a person’s psychology.

        “Don’t take it seriously! You are still a hero in your mind! What’s wrong with my child protecting you?”

        Zoey comforted.

        “I’m just worried that Levilia is unhappy! If she is unhappy, I will pick it up immediately!”

        The cause of Levi Garrison’s melancholy was that Levilia had left.

        It feels like the sky is falling.

        I can’t do anything at all.

        Isn’t it true that Zoey?

        “Don’t worry, Levilia will not suffer!”

        “I’m worried that if you and your mother will be distracted by magical medicine and exercises, you will get angry and ask them to reason.”

        Zoey is mainly afraid of this.

        Levi Garrison waved his hand: “No! You and mom can follow me to practice, it’s more effective than any magical medicine technique!”

        Levi Garrison didn’t take the things left by Wushuang City seriously.

        It doesn’t work for him.

        At present, Levi Garrison asked his mother to practice the Tai Chi-like fist.

        As everyone knows, this set of exercises is simply against the sky.

        This practice concept is to be integrated with the heaven and the earth.

        Cultivating to the depths is absolutely terrifying.

        Better than any panacea.

        Next, life is business as usual.

        It’s just that Levilia is not by his side.

        Everyone always feels empty.

        During this time, the outside world has changed quite a bit.

        The upper circles have gradually accepted the birth of the supreme powerhouse.

        Even many ordinary people already know the concept of a supreme powerhouse.

        This group of people is just like the gods in the book.

        Possess supernatural ability.

        The supreme-level powerhouses are not only martial artists.

        There are also some magic masters, such as some Feng Shui masters.

        Have the ability to change fate against the sky.

        Especially advanced masters are omnipotent.

        They are also supreme-level powerhouses.

        However, after the supreme-level powerhouse joined the WTO, there was no such thing as Messiah had imagined.

        Cause harm to the world for the first time.

        Instead, they are very quiet.

        It is almost difficult to catch them.

        Only know that they are looking for resources for cultivation and seedlings of genius.

        There is always no big move.

        It’s the same even abroad.

        “This group of supreme-level powerhouses has been restricted for so many years, it is impossible to be so quiet all the time!”

        “What are they brewing?”

        “The more this is the case, the more we have to beware! Erudia will definitely focus on the fire center!”


        Messiah was speculating.

        “But this gives us more time, let us prepare actively!”

        This is a blessing.

        “Next we will actively look for some supreme-level powerhouses and persuade them to join Erudia’s camp. Serve for this ancient country!”

        “By the way, does Levi Garrison have any information about repairing the martial arteries?”

        This is an issue that everyone is concerned about.

        Levi Garrison will return soon.

        Erudia’s strength is stronger.

        “There is really news. We have found an existence that can repair Levi Garrison’s martial arteries!”

        “Not to mention that it can be repaired, but it can only be tried!”

        The senior Messiah danced with excitement, “Then go and find someone!”


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  2. I think Levi also should cultivate his 5 god generals azure dragon, phoenix, kirin, tiger etc to be more powerful because at this trend They became obsolete they also his best friend’s.

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