The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1615


        “it is good!”

        Levi Garrison followed.

        He was also very curious about the city owner of Wushuang City.

        And looking at Levilia’s state, you know that she is very happy in Wushuang City.

        Levilia took Levi Garrison all the way to the ancient buildings in the depths of Wushuang City.

        This is the forbidden area of Wushuang City, and it is also a place for high-level activities such as the city lord and the four elders.

        “Master, this is my father!”

        Levilia shouted excitedly.

        There was a tall figure in front, a white gown, with a dusty temperament on his body.

        He looks like he is in his thirties.

        Good-looking face, kind smile.

        Putting it in the general population is like a teacher.

        Just an ordinary person, you would never think that this person may not even be killed by nuclear weapons.


        Fu Qiufeng touched Levilia’s little head.

        But when facing Levi Garrison, he changed his expression.

        Majestic, unsmiling, aloof, the palm of the hand is overpowering.

        As if he is the god who rules the world.

        Levi Garrison was just like an ant in front of him.

        Of course it is so wrong!

        Fu Qiufeng is a powerhouse of the Supreme Level Fifth Heaven. He can survive the bombing of artillery bombs, and nuclear bombs may exist 


        He is like a god to ordinary people.

        “You are Levilia’s father?”

        Fu Qiufeng asked coldly.

        “it’s me!”

        However, what surprised Fu Qiufeng was that this ordinary person was so powerful.

        Not timid at all.

        Even face him directly.

        “I heard you were instructing Levilia before?”

        Fu Qiufeng asked with an unhappy expression.

        “Wrong! In fact, it is best for Levilia to stay by my side! But the grandmother and mother of the child hope Levilia will have more experience and 

experience! I only agreed, otherwise you are not qualified to be the master of Levilia!”

        Levi Garrison said seriously.

        But these words angered Fu Qiufeng.

        Enraged all the high-levels of Wushuang City.

        Wu Qiufeng, the lord of Wushuang City, is not qualified enough?

        Is there any qualification for a Supreme Level Five Heavenly Powerhouse?

        Is Levi Garrison crazy?

        Is this ordinary person shameless when talking big?

        “Levi Garrison, what are you talking about?”

        “Don’t do whatever you want because you are Levilia’s father! You are in a hurry, you won’t end well!”

        “Hurry up and apologize to the lord!!!”


        Several elders immediately urged.

        Regardless of Fu Qiufeng’s superficial kindness, in fact, he doesn’t match his appearance at all.

        He is a big killer who doesn’t blink!

        Kill if you don’t agree!

        Countless people have died in his hands, about hundreds of thousands.

        Has the title of “Blood Drinking Sword Sovereign”.

        On weekdays, the people in Wushuang City saw him and stayed away.

        That’s why the people who were about to bully Levi Garrison ran away as soon as they heard the sound.

        The reason for showing a kind side is entirely because of Levilia.

        Her talent is too high and too high.

        So Fu Qiufeng regarded her as a treasure.

        Zoey and Mia have also heard the legend of the city lord.

        The two immediately persuaded in a low voice: “Levi, you quickly apologize! The city lord has a bad temper!”

        This is different from the life of ordinary people.

        There are even no rules at all.

        The lord himself is the rule.

        Want to kill people, no one will do anything to him.

        They were really afraid that Levi Garrison’s stubborn temper would annoy the city lord.

        Upon hearing this, Levi Garrison was unhappy.

        “What does it matter to me that he has a bad temper? He is not qualified!”

        Levi Garrison said.

        Everyone: “…”.

        What are you really afraid of?

        “You said I’m not qualified?”

        Fu Qiufeng’s voice changed obviously, as cold as from hell.


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