The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1619


        “Black God teaches!!!”

        Fu Qiufeng was very upset.

        He couldn’t be more aware of this evil way.

        The Black God Sect is a major force in the Shifang Mountains of Miaojiang not far from Xishu.

        They practiced strange magic and martial arts.

        Everyone in the faction is weird and powerful.

        Fu Qiufeng fought against the leader of the Black God Sect before the covenant of the gods.

        He lost!

        So the Black God Sect captured Levilia away.

        He is going to despair.

        The overall strength of Black God Sect is stronger than Wushuang City.  

        If Levilia is captured by someone else, Fu Qiufeng will take it back anyway.

        But this is the Black God Sect.

        The Black God Sect that gave him a shadow.

        Be timid before fighting!

        As soon as he heard the Black God Sect, Fu Qiufeng had already retreated.

        “Who sent the message? Didn’t I tell everyone to keep it secret?”

        Fu Qiufeng roared angrily.

        “Master, there is no air-tight wall in the world! The matter of Levilia’s high talent will be revealed sooner or later! It’s just that I don’t think it is the 

Black God Sect!

        This is over, we can’t snatch it from the Black God Sect anyway! “

        Jiang Haozhe said next to him.

        Several of his younger brothers and sisters also showed knowing smiles.

        Jiang Haozhe expected Wushuang City to be afraid of the Black God Sect.

        So deliberately revealed the information to the Black God Sect.

        It is to be sure that Fu Qiufeng dare not save people.

        Fu Qiufeng was very angry.

        There is no way to refute it.

        I don’t even think about how the information leaked out…

        For a time, the whole Wushuang City became lifeless.

        Everyone was silent.

        Levilia was captured by the Black God Sect, whether it was to become a peerless powerhouse or to use it to practice evil arts.

        It is a blow to Wushuang City.

        Fu Qiufeng’s heart was bleeding.

        “Levilia! What happened to Levilia?”

        Soon after Zoey and Mia learned about this, they rushed over.

        “Please beg the city lord, please beg Master to save Levilia!”

        “I’m just such a daughter, Levilia is going to have an accident, I can’t live it!!!”

        Zoey cried silently.

        Mia also begged Wushuang City to save people.

        But everyone in Wushuang City was silent.

        Including the city lord Fu Qiufeng.

        “I beg you! Save Levilia, she is so talented? Do you have the heart to watch her be taken away by others?”

        Zoey’s words hurt everyone’s heart.

        But everyone can’t say timid, right?

        “You don’t even know what kind of existence the Black God Sect is?”

        “In the Black God Sect, there are seven Supreme-level Quadruple Heavenly Masters and two Supreme-level Five Heavenly Experts, especially the 

leader is said to be about to step into the ranks of the legendary Supreme Grade Sixth Heaven!

        Supreme Grade Six Heavens! For the supreme-level powerhouse, it is like the existence of heaven! What can Wushuang City save? “

        After Jiang Haozhe finished speaking.

        Everyone took a breath.

        For the supreme-level powerhouse, the sixth heaven is another world.

        For many years, Fu Qiufeng couldn’t make it past, and he was stuck in the Supreme Level Fifth Heaven.

        It was a matter of time before the leader of the Black God Sect stepped into the Supreme Sixth Heaven, so Fu Qiufeng was defeated.

        “Furthermore, Black God teaches everyone to be cruel, maybe your daughter is dead long ago!”

        “It can only be said that your daughter’s luck is not good, it is destined to have this catastrophe!”

        Jiang Haozhe said several people.


        Zoey couldn’t bear it and fainted directly.


        Fu Qiufeng could only sigh.

        In this case, he can do nothing…

        Levi Garrison, far in the north of the Yangtze River.


        Suddenly his phone made a harsh alarm sound.

        “No, you have something wrong with Levilia!”

        Levi Garrison’s heart tightened.


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