The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1628


      Levi Garrison said this.

      The audience was in an uproar again.

      Everyone looked at Levi Garrison and said angrily: “Aren’t you going to harm Levilia? Are you still saving Levilia?”

      No one will believe it.

      “It was I who went to the Black God Sect alone and killed everyone in the Black God Sect, including the master and vice leaders, and then 

saved the monarch!”

      “And it was the Black God Sect leader who told me that the spies were your apprentices!”

      Levi Garrison said seriously.

      It’s just that these words are too pale.

      There is no convincing power.


      “Levilia was obviously rescued by the old city lord! He has something to do with you!”  

      “Are you still destroying the entire Black God Sect? You are an ordinary person, don’t you dare to think that way in your dreams?”

      “Only the Old City Master of the Supreme Grade Sixth Heaven can destroy the Black God Sect. You are an ordinary person who speaks big 

words, and you are not afraid that the wind will flash your tongue!”


      No one would believe that an ordinary person could teach the powerful black dragon to annihilate.

      It’s impossible! ! !

      “Well, in the end, the old city lord came out, Levilia has nothing to do, this is the case! He is Levilia’s father, we can’t do anything!”

      “Withdraw all, that’s it!”

      Fu Qiufeng said.

      Everyone will not continue to investigate.

      “Levi Garrison, you will tell a lie in the future, hoping to make up a bit more like it!”

      Zoey was disappointed with Levi Garrison.

      He almost killed Levilia without telling him, and even made up a lie that resembled a fairy tale.

      Things come to an end.

      Nothing is more exciting than Jiang Haozhe.

      Perfectly avoiding the suspicion, he also convicted Levi Garrison.

      “Hey, what a surprise!”

      “But this dead girl is back, and our status is still threatened! We have to think of another way!”

      Jiang Haozhe touched his chin and thought.

      “Yes, even the old city lord is protecting her, and he has the final say in the future Wushuang City?”

      The rest of the people also looked sad.

      At this moment, a person appeared in front of them.

      Levi Garrison!

      “You… when did you come?”

      Jiang Haozhe was so frightened that he swallowed fiercely.

      Why is Levi Garrison silent?

      Just when he was about to talk about how to deal with his daughter, he appeared.

      This is too scary.

      “You have taken care of my daughter. I will give you one week to admit and apologize!”

      Levi Garrison directly expressed his intention.

      “Are you sick? Let us admit what? Who do you apologize to?”

      Jiang Haozhe asked.

      “You know it in your heart!”

      “Remember, people can make mistakes. You are young and can understand. But you must know your mistakes and you can correct them!”

      “If you don’t admit your mistakes, you will face a dead end!”

      Jiang Haozhe looked at each other, and they were all amused.

      “What does this madman say? Your daughter’s affairs have nothing to do with us!”

      “Hurry up and get away!”

      Levi Garrison glanced at a few people: “Anyway, I have already brought the words. If you don’t admit it within a week, you will be at your own 


      Leaving this sentence, Levi Garrison left.

      “At your own risk? Okay, let’s wait, but I want to see what consequences you can give us in a week?”

      Several people sneered.

      However, when Jiang Haozhe was angry, several people were a little confused.

      Why is Levi Garrison sure to be them?

      This is definitely not groundless…

      Does Levi Garrison really know something?

      “Could it be true that Levi Garrison saved Levilia and destroyed the Black God Sect?”

      Someone wondered.

      “How… how is it possible?”

      “Then obviously it was the Old City Lord who made the shot, okay?”


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