The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1629


        “It is estimated that he can analyze it! After all, only a few of us have the motivation to deal with his daughter!”

        Jiang Haozhe thinks this analysis is the most reliable.

        “I feel so too!”

        “What about the big brother for a week?”

        Someone asked.

        “What are you doing in this matter?”

        “Can he hurt us as an ordinary person?”


        No one will take this matter to heart.

        The destruction of the Black God Sect has not only caused an uproar in Wushuang City.

        In Erudia, even the whole world caused a sensation. ..

        Since the covenant of the gods was torn up.

        These super powers are very quiet.

        Not to mention big movements, even small frictions.

        But this time the Black God Sect was directly annihilated, which was really a big move.

        First of all, Black God Sect is very strong!

        It is definitely in the forefront of the major forces in Erudia.

        In particular, the leader is a powerhouse of the Supreme Level Five Heavens, which is extremely rare in the world.

        Secondly, the Black God Sect was immediately destroyed, and no one survived.

        The movement is really too big.

        Especially Messiah’s upper and lower nerves were tight.

        They didn’t even know anything about what happened in Erudia.

        If it were the enemy, it would be completely over!

        They need to speed up.

        Cooperation with the family of medical kings has also been reached.

        Messiah released generous conditions.

        Including power, money, and even land, etc.

        As long as it is what the medical king family wants, they are all satisfied.

        It also provides extremely valuable medicinal materials and other resources to the family of medical kings.

        The medical king family only agreed to help Erudia build five supreme powerhouses.

        In addition, help Levi Garrison repair the martial arteries…

        Of course, the family of medical kings was not sure about repairing the martial arteries, but just wanted to delay it and get the benefits.

        Sure enough, under the magical medicine, ancient medical techniques and techniques of the medical king family, he helped Erudia create five 

supreme powerhouses.

        In addition, with the help of the six Xiao Feng, they have also become supreme-level powerhouses.

        There are still many people who have reached the Pseudo-Supreme-level powerhouse, or are close to them.

        This time Erudia’s strength has been greatly enhanced.

        Erudia specially designated the medical king family as the country’s medical king.

        The status of the family of medical kings has risen rapidly.

        Under the leadership of Messiah, Master Wang Xing specially came to Levi Garrison to help him repair his martial arteries.

        “For Messiah’s face, you don’t have to kowtow to beg me!”


        I heard that this group of people wanted to help him repair his martial arteries.

        Levi Garrison was stunned.

        If you let them repair it, if you show your strength in the future.

        Maybe they would say shamelessly that they repaired their martial arteries.

        “I do not need!”

        “I don’t take your magic medicine, and I don’t stick your magic needle! There is nothing wrong with being an ordinary person!”

        Levi Garrison approached.



        Master Wang Xing was so angry.

        “In Levi, you can save face and let the master cure you. What if it works?”

        “You are an ordinary person now, in case of danger in the summer or your family in danger, you can only watch!”

        Everyone persuaded.

        Levi Garrison smiled: “Don’t worry, my family will not be in danger!”

        “I forgot, your daughter is now accepted as an apprentice by Wushuang City, and the old city lord of Wushuang City Supreme Sixth Heaven is 

protecting her!”

        “Even your wife, Miss Li, has been accepted as apprentices by the elders of Wushuang City. Of course they are in danger!”

        “But your former generation of kings can watch your daughter and wife a little bit stronger, but have you always been an ordinary person?”

        “Do you want to eat soft rice from your daughter and wife?”


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