The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1631


        “No wonder this time is so quiet, I was curious, the covenant of the gods broke, and this group of guys can stand it? It turned out to be man-


        A question in everyone’s mind was resolved.

        The man in the windbreaker nodded: “Yes, it was wrong, we arranged it! I contacted the major experts in the first time and told them to stand still. 

Just wait for the establishment of the alliance army!”

        “Erudia is also very alert. It is said that he is actively preparing for war! But they can think, are we the military alliance army? Can they stop it?”


        “I am willing to join the Alliance Army!”

        “I am willing too!”


        Everyone laughed.

        Everyone joins the alliance army.

        Everyone is already looking forward to the scene of dividing up Erudia…

        In their opinion, Erudia will lose!

        Erudia is against the whole world!

        Enemies in the world, how to fight?

        Scenes like the windbreaker man wooing the supreme powerhouse to join the alliance army have been staged all over the world.

        They really gather the strongest from all over the world to the greatest extent to deal with Erudia.

        The Alliance Army is being established…

        Erudia’s crisis came quietly.

        The most important thing in the summer is internal and external troubles.

        Not to mention the external troubles, the internal troubles are Erudia’s supreme powerhouses, and no one belongs to Messiah.

        Unlike ordinary people, they don’t have a sense of belonging to the country.

        In their eyes, they only live on the land of Erudia, but they do not belong to Erudia.

        They have absolute freedom.

        Never obey Messiah.

        Even some supreme-level powerhouses have various other ideas, threatening Erudia at any time.

        Their way of cooperating with the supreme-level powerhouses is, at most, cooperating with the family of medical kings.

        The cooperation that came at a huge price…

        So Erudia will be very difficult…

        Fortunately, Messiah was actively preparing.

        It will take some time for the alliance army to be established, which also gave Messiah enough time to prepare.

        However, Messiah still didn’t expect the supreme powerhouses of the world to be so quiet. It turned out to be a big surprise for Erudia…

        Levi Garrison stayed idle at home, continuing to practice what his mentor taught him.

        He still has a long way to go…

        He can also become stronger!

        Soon, seven days were up.

        Levi Garrison went straight to Wushuang City.

        After seeing Zoey and Mia, they were very curious: “Why are you here?”

        “Nothing, I’ll find Jiang Haozhe them!”

        Levi Garrison went directly to Jiang Haozhe.

        “Are you crazy?”

        Zoey understood Levi Garrison’s character and knew that he was coming to make trouble.

        But after all, Levi Garrison took a step forward and found several Jiang Haozhe.

        Several people stopped what they were doing and looked over.

        “Remember what I told you?”

        Levi Garrison asked.

        “What? Of course we don’t remember!”

        Jiang Haozhe smiled.

        They had indeed forgotten it a long time ago.

        He didn’t even take Levi Garrison’s warning as the same thing.

        “I said, I will give you one week to admit your mistakes and make corrections. Now the deadline is up!”

        Levi Garrison reminded.

        Jiang Haozhe patted his forehead and laughed: “Yes, yes, remember, if we don’t admit our mistakes, we seem to be at our own risk, right?”


        Several people looked at Levi Garrison, smiling and provocatively said: “What kind of consequences are they? We want to see!”

        “You come with me and you will know!”

        Levi Garrison turned around and left.

        “Hahaha, well, just to my liking!”

        Several people immediately followed.

        To be in Wushuang City, they dare not do anything.

        But leaving Wushuang City, they had nothing to do with Levi Garrison.


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