The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1632


        Originally, they were still trying to find a reason to lead Levi Garrison to a remote place and teach him a lesson.

        The result was delivered by myself.

        Crazy smiles appeared on the faces of several people.

        There is such a fool in this world!

        Zoey and Mia came, trying to dissuade them.

        “This is a matter between us, don’t intervene!”

        “Furthermore, he is looking for us and provoking us!”

        Jiang Haozhe glared at Zoey.

        “How should this be good?”

        “Shall we go to the city lord?”

        Zoey chopped his feet, anxious.  

        “Don’t worry, it’s nothing! No matter what Levi Garrison says, it’s Levilia’s father. Jiang Haozhe and the others are well-measured, and they don’t dare 

to take Levi Garrison!”

        Someone advised.

        Mia nodded: “That’s right, even the city lord can’t do anything about each other, let alone these few people. Sister-in-law, you should not 

interfere, it is easy to make things worse.”

        Next to it was: “Yes, right, right, not to mention that this is Levi Garrison’s unreasonable coaxing! Obviously he leaked information to the Black God 

Sect, it must be a few of them. I think it would be good to give a lesson!”

        Zoey bit his lip and said angrily: “Levi Garrison, you have never listened to me! This matter is over long ago, you have to entangle and bear the 


        Knowing that Levi Garrison was taught a lesson at most, Zoey was relieved.

        In her opinion, this matter should teach Levi Garrison a lesson.

        Who told Levi Garrison to be so stubborn.

        Levi Garrison took Jiang Haozhe to the deep mountains near Li Wushuang City.

        It is near the Wushuang City Forbidden Land, which is the cemetery where the old city lord and others are buried.

        Jiang Haozhe looked at the environment and said with a smile: “Levi Garrison is remote enough, and you probably won’t be able to find it if you die.”


        Several others smiled.

        They are already discussing how to deal with Levi Garrison?


        Or beat him crippled?

        When they are outside, they can do whatever they want.

        No matter what the result is, the city lord knows, and at most scold them a few words, there will be no substantive punishment.

        After all, the important thing is Levilia, not Levi Garrison.

        Maybe the City Lord and the others also hate Levi Garrison, and they want to get rid of it because of Levilia’s face.

        Several people turned their heads and stared at Levi Garrison as if they were looking at their prey.

        “I will give you another chance, as long as I admit my mistake and apologize, I will spare you!”

        Levi Garrison turned around and looked at a few people.

        Everyone looked at each other.

        It’s like hearing a joke.

        Levi Garrison himself still doesn’t understand the current situation?

        The danger is yourself!

        Instead of us!

        Then they all smiled and said, “Didn’t you say that you are at your own risk? We want to see what the consequences are?”

        Everyone looked at Levi Garrison like a fool.

        They really can’t imagine what consequences an ordinary person can bring to them?

        What’s more, the four of them are all Supreme Powers.

        Jiang Haozhe is already the Supreme Power of the Triple Heaven…

        What did Levi Garrison teach him?

        “Okay, you asked for this!”

        Levi Garrison gave opportunities again and again.

        They don’t cherish.

        “Come on, are you going to hit me? Come on, fight here?”

        Yu Dehao, the fourth apprentice of Fu Qiufeng, also deliberately moved his face.

        He is a supreme powerhouse, his body is as hard as steel, and bullets can’t penetrate it.

        Ordinary people will only hurt themselves with a punch.


        But, in the next second, a blast sounded.

        An overwhelming force that overturned Mount Tai came across.


        Yu Dehao suffered a heavy blow and was beaten out.

        The whole audience was dead…


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