The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1638


        War eagle country.

        Everyone soon learned that Jefferson was arrested.

        The man in the windbreaker smashed the table: “I said, don’t be foolish! Is this all right? Almost lost his life!”

        “Master, things have happened, we have to save Mr. Jefferson!”

        Several servants said.

        “Hurry up and notify War Eagle Nation, let them bring people back with Erudia!”

        Windbreaker manly.

        “Understand, do it now!”


        “The master found out that Mr. Jefferson is currently imprisoned in Jiangbei by Erudia’s Levi Garrison!”

        Soon, they found the location of Jefferson.  

        The man in the windbreaker stood up immediately: “What? Levi Garrison? He is an ordinary person now, and he doesn’t have any position! Why does 

he imprison my brother?”

        Immediately, the man in the windbreaker smiled: “It’s easier to do this!”

        “If Messiah was detained, it might be a little troublesome! But if an ordinary person imprisoned and injured my brother in private.

        Not only do people have to pick them up, we can also take a bite back and ask them to compensate and apologize! “

        “Yes! Let’s do it quickly!”


        Jefferson, who was locked in the iron cage, kept staring at the villa.

        He vowed to go out once.

        Levi Garrison must be revenge fiercely.

        His family is going to be finished.

        Especially women…

        At this time, Levi Garrison was feeding the dog in the next cage.

        This made Jefferson even more angry.

        Is he better than a dog?

        He wanted to yell at him, but he didn’t dare.

        He could only clenched his fists and looked at Levi Garrison.

        “Da da da……”

        A rush of footsteps sounded.

        Several people from Xiao Feng came.

        Their faces are a bit ugly.

        “Master, I…”

        Xiao Feng hesitated.


        Levi Garrison continued to feed the dog without raising his head.

        “We must let him go!”

        Xiao Feng glanced at Jefferson in the iron cage.

        Jefferson smiled immediately when he heard that he was about to let go.

        “Hahaha, I said earlier, you have to let me out! When I go out, you will feel better!”

        Jefferson immediately became arrogant.

        “To shut up!!!”

        Levi Garrison’s icy voice sounded.

        Jefferson shut his mouth obediently.

        It’s better to bear it, it’s not worth the beating.

        “I didn’t say let him go again!”

        Levi Garrison said coldly.

        Xiao Feng looked embarrassed: “But Messiah gave the order, so we can let him go!”

        “Say that you are just an ordinary person now, and you don’t have the right and qualification to imprison him! By doing so, you even violated the 


        “Now the Eagle Nation is very angry, and even wants to use this matter to force Erudia! Messiah ordered us to release the people quickly!”


        Hearing what Xiao Feng said, Jefferson looked smug.

        Erudia is really a bunch of waste.

        Obviously he stole something and was arrested.

        Also obediently send him away.

        It’s so cool.

        “Master, if you have any opinion, I will let him go!”

        Seeing Levi Garrison’s silence, Xiao Feng couldn’t help but say.

        At the same time waved.

        The men were about to open the iron cage and release Jefferson.


        “Who dare I see?”

        Levi Garrison’s roar scared everyone.

        Everyone looked at him dumbfounded.

        “Master, I also act according to the procedure…you…you really have no right and reason to imprison him!”

        Xiao Feng said.

        Levi Garrison stood up suddenly and said angrily: “You ask me what qualifications and rights do you have?”

        “I tell you, I am an ordinary citizen of Erudia! Anything that threatens Erudia is related to me! This is right, and this is qualification!”


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