The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1640


        Levi Garrison suddenly raised his tone, making everyone present abruptly.

        Especially for Wang Qian and Any Fan, the calves were shaking.

        Either Fan even retracted the hand that had touched the key.

        Obviously the key is right in front of them, but Wang Qian and Any Fan can only watch them, but they don’t even dare to stretch out their hands.

        This is Levi Garrison’s aura.

        He didn’t dare to move with a word.

        Even in everyone’s cognition, he is an ordinary person.

        “Ye…what do you mean by Levi Garrison? Do you want to intervene in Messiah’s affairs?”

        Wang Qian asked tremblingly.

        “Is this just Messiah’s business? This is Erudia’s business, and this is a matter for every Erudia citizen!”

        “You hurry up, it’s impossible to let him go with me here! You don’t speak for Erudia, I will speak for Erudia!”..

        “I Erudia is not afraid of anyone! If a foreigner commits a crime in Erudia, I have to bear the consequences!”

        Levi Garrison expressed his attitude.

        “Levi Garrison, you are crazy!”

        “Today I really don’t believe in this evil, so I just want to open the iron cage and let him go!”

        “What can I do with you?”

        Wang Qian resolutely picked up the key and walked to the iron cage.

        “You can try!”

        Levi Garrison smiled.


        Wang Qian opened the iron cage.

        Jefferson was released.

        “Mr. Jefferson, you are free and safe now!”

        Wang Qian smiled.

        Jefferson was almost crying with excitement.

        Free at last.

        But at this moment, he saw Levi Garrison walking toward this side quickly.


        Jefferson’s heart sank and his face changed drastically.

        “You…what are you going to do?”

        Wang Qian felt the murderous Levi Garrison approaching, and asked subconsciously.


        Levi Garrison ignored him and kicked Jefferson directly.


        Kick him directly seven or eight meters away.

        Levi Garrison deceived him, and pressed Jefferson with another blast.

        Jefferson screamed…

        Both Yifan and Wang Qian were frightened.

        “Do you dare to leave without my consent?”

        “Do you think I dare not remove your iron shell?”

        Levi Garrison’s eyes opened wide, staring at Jefferson.

        “Believe! I believe it!”

        Jefferson nodded quickly.

        “Go back by yourself!”

        Levi Garrison cursed.

        Jefferson returned to the iron cage in a desperate manner and closed the door himself.


        Wang Qian and Yifan were completely stunned.

        Why was Jefferson so scared by Levi Garrison?

        He is an ordinary person!

        Jefferson is a supreme powerhouse…

        Of course, Levi Garrison was really ruthless!

        I can see that they are stunned.

        “Levi Garrison, you are presumptuous! How dare you hit Mr. Jefferson? You are deliberately trying to make things worse!”

        “Yes, now Messiah has ordered him to be released! You can’t control it!”

        “Yes, Levi Garrison is here as an ordinary person, how can he interfere with Messiah’s affairs! Don’t be foolish! People must be taken away today!”


        Wang Qian and Any Fan also expressed their attitude.

        Levi Garrison returned to his seat and sat down and waved his hand: “Whatever, the people are there, you can take them away!”

        Wang Qian and Yifan came back to the cage and opened it.

        “Mr. Jefferson is gone, we will escort you away!”

        The two smiled.

        “No, no…”

        It’s just that Jefferson shook his head madly, and his body drew back vigorously.

        Don’t dare to come out at all.

        At the same time, he looked at Levi Garrison in horror.


        Yifan and Wang Qian were completely dumbfounded.

        “Come on, Mr. Jefferson, come out, what do I think he will do to you?”

        The two do not believe in evil.


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  1. Tongtongtong pakitong kitong

    Until now they do not know the difference between the word “right” and ” wrong”. This story is endless and almost no direction. Chinesse novel is full of bullshit…

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