The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1643


        “Levi Garrison, you have caused a big deal!”

        Either fan and the two left angrily.

        Levi Garrison doesn’t care: “I only admit the truth!”

        He smiled at Jefferson in the cage again: “Don’t worry, you will be locked in for some time in the future! You will not leave!”

        “Yes Yes Yes!”

        Jefferson nodded hurriedly.

        He is a dignified supreme-level powerhouse, and he still has to suffer here.

        He only hoped that after Wiggins returned, he could bring reinforcements.

        Either let Levi Garrison succumb and let himself go.

        Either send a master to take yourself away forcibly.

        Even the envoys of the war Eagle country did not take people away, which shocked Messiah.

        “No way, if Levi Garrison is like this, something big will happen!”

        “Yes, the envoy of the War Eagle Nation was obviously angry and said that Levi Garrison was in trouble!”


        Both Yifan and Wang Qian bury their grievances.

        “I think Levi Garrison did the right thing!”

        Someone said suddenly.

        “Huh? How to say?”

        Everyone looked at him one after another.

        “I think the more this kind of moment, the harder it should be!”

        “If we give in blindly, afraid of causing trouble, afraid of trouble, the other party will get worse!”

        “This time it was swaggering to steal something from the museum. Maybe the woman who moved Erudia behind even blatantly killed and destroyed 


        “The more they hold Erudia’s mentality that they don’t dare to cause trouble, the more we must be tough, and the more we must show them a tough 



        Hearing this, everyone was silent.

        “Yes, it’s wrong! The more we bear, the more vain we appear, and instead give each other a chance to take advantage of it!”

        “We Erudia doesn’t take the initiative to cause trouble, but we are not afraid of it. If we cause trouble, we will hit you!”

        “The notice goes on and the announcement is made. Jefferson will be punished if he violates the Erudia rules!”


        After sending out the message to punish Jefferson.

        Levi Garrison smiled with satisfaction.

        This is the Messiah he is familiar with, and this is the Erudia he is familiar with.

        hard! ! !

        Everyone came to provoke.

        Afraid of him being an awl.

        Just hit it!

        In the end, Jefferson was imprisoned for ten years! Also abolished one’s strength!

        In order to behave like this!

        Warn those who have bad thoughts about Erudia to think twice before acting.

        After hearing this message, the War Eagle Nation completely exploded.

        No one thought that Messiah would stand on Levi Garrison’s side in the end.

        Will be so tough.

        Now there is no use for pressure or anything!

        In the manor.

        After hearing the message, the man in the windbreaker.

        Completely angry.

        “Presumptuous! What a big summer, you treat my brother like this! You are forcing me!”

        “The master is our fault…”

        The two butlers knelt and trembled on the ground.

        The eyes of the man in the windbreaker gradually turned black.

        “Why don’t you take good care of my brother!!!”

        The man in the windbreaker put his hands on their heads.



        With black air in his hands, he began to suck the heads of two people, and he could clearly see the air flow being sucked out.

        The two screamed like a pig.

        Soon their bodies began to shrink and grow old…



        The last two skeletons wrapped in clothes fell to the ground.

        The flesh has been sucked dry.

        The rest of those present knelt on the ground and shivered.

        too frightening!

        “Brother, don’t worry, the Alliance army will soon break through Erudia, and I will rescue you! At that time, Erudia is ours, do whatever you want!”

        The man in the windbreaker looked into the distance.

        “There is also Levi Garrison! I remember this name! His end will be very miserable!”


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