The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1645


        Although Erudia’s strength is being further strengthened, supreme-level powerhouses are also increasing.

        In terms of the growth rate of the alliance army, it is a drop in the bucket.

        The focus of the alliance army now is not on the number of supreme powerhouses.

        It’s how many powerhouses of the Supreme Grade Sixth Heaven…

        So far, Erudia has never seen a supreme-level Sixth Heavenly Powerhouse.

        Not to mention that Messiah had it in his hands.

        The only old city lord of Wushuang City who has ever appeared was a mummy.

        Levi Garrison was also idle.

        Through what Jefferson said and the analysis of the current situation.

        He realized that a crisis was coming.

        Don’t look at him for a long time to Messiah’s cold heart. ..

        But it’s about Erudia, it’s about the land under your feet, and your relatives and friends may be threatened.

        He cannot ignore it.

        Who dares to commit Erudia, then fight back.

        He is a veteran, and if there is a battle, he will be recalled.

        So Levi Garrison is also preparing.

        He secretly trained a team called “Guardian Dragon”.

        It means to protect Erudia and protect the people.

        In addition, Levi Garrison also performed many exercises and combat skills suitable for Erudia fighters.

        There are those who are quick to improve their strength in a short period of time, and there are those who slowly cultivate and strengthen.

        It also provides some prescriptions to enhance strength and physique.


        In short, he did everything he could.

        People like Xiao Feng are not enough.

        However, he would often call Xiao Feng and others.

        Among them, there are more and more supreme-level powerhouses.

        Xiao Feng improved the fastest.

        If there is enough time, he can refine the magic medicine himself.

        After all, the old man taught him ancient medical skills, the long-lost method of acupuncture and moxibustion, and the method of refining magical 


        In a blink of an eye, it was another time.

        This time, Wushuangcheng agreed to return to Jiangbei for two days.

        Levi Garrison went to Wushuang City early in the morning.

        Levilia grows very fast, both in terms of sensibility and strength.

        For a total of two months, Wushuang City’s skills have been learned seven or eighty-eight.

        Zoey and Mia were already powerful masters.

        This was in Levi Garrison’s expectation.

        Originally, the talents of the two were good, and he laid a good foundation for them.

        So it is very fast.

        “Before Levilia leaves, we are going to take him to a place, and you will follow!”

        Fu Qiufeng’s attitude was cold.

        “it is good!”

        Levi Garrison followed the crowd to the vicinity of the old city lord’s cemetery.

        “The purpose of Levilia here is to make you thank Old City Lord! If it weren’t for Old City Lord, you don’t know where it is now!”

        Fu Qiufeng said.

        “Master, understand!”

        Levilia obediently knelt down.

        Zoey nodded: “It’s wrong, you should thank the Old City Lord! It was he who saved Levilia!”

        Speaking of Zoey, she also fell to her knees.

        Levi Garrison caught her in time.

        “Why do you kneel? What’s so good about a corpse?”

        Levi Garrison sneered.

        “Levi Garrison, what are you talking nonsense? Old City Lord is dead, he is not a corpse!”

        “Yes, if the old city is mainly corpses, who saved Levilia?”

        Everyone immediately refuted Levi Garrison.

        “Levilia, of course I saved it, and it has something to do with your old city lord!”

        “You can’t let a dry corpse break through the ground, right?”

        Levi Garrison smiled disdainfully.

        “Levi Garrison, you are too presumptuous! The Lord of the Old City saved your daughter, and you were so rude!”

        “You should also kneel down and kowtow to the old city lord and thank you! Kneel down to me!”


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