The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1647


        Levi Garrison said this.

        The audience quieted down instantly.

        The Western Shu Emperor and Tang Beidao were stunned, and couldn’t help but smile: “Are you talking about us?”

        “Just you two, get out!”

        Levi Garrison got up and left.

        The Emperor Xishu and Tang Beidao looked at each other and smiled, and got up and followed.

        “Don’t follow anyone!”

        The two said.

        They are very excited.

        He had been oppressed by Levi Garrison before, and he dared not speak.

        But now Levi Garrison has become an ordinary person.  

        They want to return everything before.

        Came to a remote place.

        “What’s wrong with Levi Garrison? Very upset? Want to hit us?”

        The two laughed.

        A weird smile appeared at the corner of Levi Garrison’s mouth: “Who gave you the courage to talk to me like this?”

        “Who gave us the courage? Levi Garrison, do you think it is your own era? You can see clearly, now you are an ordinary person! Still thinking of letting 

us be a cow and a horse for you? Funny!”

        The two naturally disdain Levi Garrison.

        Levi Garrison stared at the two and asked, “You said I was a tool for giving birth?”

        “Yeah, don’t you think this is of great value? We hope you can give birth to a few more children, each of them resembling Levilia!”

        “At that time, everyone will confess you and look forward to your childbirth every day! Hahaha…”

        The Western Shu Emperor and Tang Bei Dao laughed.

        The existence that once stood on their heads is now so humiliated by them.

        It’s so cool.

        “What are you laughing at? Is it that funny?”

        Levi Garrison asked.

        “Funny, of course…Bang!”

        As soon as the emperor of Xishu was halfway through his words, he slammed his mouth with a heavy fist.


        The emperor of Western Shu splashed with blood in his mouth, and all his teeth flew away.


        Levi Garrison slapped the mouth of the Western Shu Emperor several times in a row.

        His mouth was soaked.

        “Levi Garrison, what are you doing?”

        Tang Beidao roared.

        “And you!”

        As soon as the voice fell, Levi Garrison appeared in front of Tang Beidao instantly.


        With a kick, he kicked Tang Beidao away.


        This kick almost killed Tang Beidao’s life.

        But the two were dumbfounded.

        This… is this an ordinary person?

        Levi Garrison is not an ordinary person at all.

        It’s just that others think so.

        He never said he was.

        “That’s how you talk to me?”

        Levi Garrison asked.

        “No… we dare not… we were wrong, we were wrong!”

        The two squatted their heads on the ground, and the floor was knocked to pieces.

        “Take care of your own mouth, if you don’t want it, you can tell me, I’ll break it!”

        Levi Garrison then left the dinner.

        The banquet scene.

        “Huh? Levi and the three of them have been out for a while? Isn’t something going to happen?”

        “Haha, maybe they are teaching Levi Garrison, right?”


        Everyone laughed.

        The old lady and Wu Mulan sneered and said, “Levi Garrison doesn’t know how to promote it, so it’s good for people to educate them!”

        “Yes, is it wrong to say that he is a child-bearing tool? He is worth this point!”

        Zhao Yalan also followed.

        With the rise of Zoey’s status, their views on Levi Garrison became more and more.

        Mia saw that Zoey was worried, and couldn’t help but comforted: “Sister-in-law, don’t worry, they dare not take brother anymore!”

        At this moment, the Emperor Xishu and Tangbei Road walked in.

        “From now on, everyone can’t insult Levi Garrison!”

        The two warned.

        The old lady said in horror: “Big brother, what’s wrong with your mouth?”


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  1. Juvin Trompeta Sumbanon

    i like this chapter..
    maybe levi can do this to other member of the family to teach them a lesson.. specially the lopez and black family.

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