The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1657


        It turned out that Xiao Qin had instructed Qin Beishan not to tell Levi Garrison the truth.

        Xiao Qin is a genius of medical science, and he is famous in the ancient medical arts world and caused a sensation.

        The medical king family focused on Xiao Qin.

        Wang Qingyu even fell in love with Xiao Qin and tried every means to get her.

        Xiao Qin agreed.

        But later I heard that Master Wang Xing of the family of medical kings wanted to target Levi Garrison and even kill him.

        Xiao Qin pleaded with Wang Qingyu after hearing this.

        Wang Qingyu agreed to this, but asked Xiao Qin to marry him.

        This is also the reason why the later medical king family did not look for Levi Garrison again.

        “My old friend, you may not know it. She studies medicine for you. You are fighting on the battlefield. She studies medicine and wants to become 

a military doctor! She is following your way!”


        Levi Garrison had always regarded Xiao Qin as his younger sister.

        So I don’t think too much about this matter.

        His current focus is entirely on Xu Zhengjie.

        A few days later.

        “Master found out that Sanxing Group has supported Xu Zhengjie behind the scenes over the years! And Xu Zhengjie’s company capital flow is 

completely inconsistent with the scale of his company! His wealth is probably comparable to the richest man!”

        Levi Garrison’s face changed: “Sanxing Group?”

        “Maybe something big is not good, Xiao Feng, you immediately notify Messiah to investigate! I’m afraid something big will happen!”

        Levi Garrison sighed at this moment.

        It would be fine if Zhentian Temple was in his hands.

        With the intelligence ability of Zhentian Temple, it can definitely be found out.

        It’s a pity that he handed it over.

        Xiao Feng sighed helplessly: “Now the power I have at my disposal is limited, and the Yanlong Guards can hardly be used anywhere! Because they 

use all their power to increase their strength and continue to tap the supreme-level powerhouses.”

        “But let me report it!”


        According to Levi Garrison’s explanation, Xiao Feng told Messiah everything.

        “The Yanlong Guard is in short supply now, it’s very difficult!”

        Messiah is really short of manpower now.

        Even the Zhentian Temple was sent out.

        “By the way, isn’t Master Wang Qingyu from the family of medical kings with supernatural powers? We can ask him to investigate!”

        “Yes, yes!”

        It turned out that Wang Qingyu was named one of the four great protectors of the country.

        These four people are all supreme-level powerhouses from all major forces.

        It was Erudia that, in order to consolidate the status of the supreme-level powerhouses, specially gave them titles and gave them the supreme 


        To a certain extent, they can order Erudia Warriors.

        Currently only they are free.

        They also complained that Messiah didn’t do anything for them.

        Messiah immediately gave the order.

        After receiving Messiah’s order, Wang Qingyu smiled coldly: “While going, still want to order me? Do you really treat me as your subordinate?”

        “Check an ordinary person? Let me personally? You are crazy!”

        “Let me do things, can I do something earth-shattering! I am the heir of the medical king family anyhow! Supreme level five heavenly powerhouse!”

        Wang Qingyu didn’t think it was the same thing at all.

        Little did he realize that this contempt brought great difficulties to Erudia in the future.

        “Master, do we really care about it?”

        The servant asked.

        Wang Qingyu said impatiently: “It doesn’t matter!”

        “Then Messiah asks what to do?”

        “Just say it can’t be found after checking!”

        Wang Qingyu said impatiently: “Hurry up to prepare for the wedding, I am impatient to get Xiao Qin! She is the supreme drug primer, with her, I can 

reach the supreme sixth heaven!”

        In a blink of an eye, seven days passed.

        The whole Jiangbei was beaming.

        The wedding of Xiao Qin and Wang Qingyu is today.


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