The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1658


Everyone sent blessings to their wedding.

        It can be said that the whole Erudia was immersed in a festive atmosphere.

        But no one thought that the Domination Alliance had set the day of attacking Erudia on today.

        Seven o’clock in the morning.

        It will be the time to launch the total attack.

        The four masters each led their army to wait in an ambush around Erudia, waiting for an order, and all of them attacked.

        In addition, Erudia’s evil sects have also gathered together, and at the same time, they should get together outside.

        Erudia was caught off guard.

        The Domination Alliance is preparing to come to a blitzkrieg, and within seven days, Erudia will be taken.

        Xu Zhengjie was among them.  

        He also looked expectant.

        “Soon Zoey, you will know how good Xu Zhengjie I am!”

        Today, even Qin Beishan and others also attended Xiao Qin’s wedding.

        According to Erudia’s habit, everyone got up early to prepare.

        Some people slept all night.

        Levi Garrison is among them.

        Looking at the early morning sky.

        Levi Garrison frowned.

        It’s not like a good day to see the sky today.

        The old man in the prison taught him some ancient ways of observing the sky.

        So at this moment, Levi Garrison judged that today was not a good day, and even said it was terrible.

        “For the sake of safety, I don’t think the wedding should be held today? Let the medical king family postpone the day, it’s not good today!”

        Levi Garrison approached Xiao Qin directly and expressed his thoughts.

        At the same time, Levi Garrison told Xiao Feng all this.

        Let him remind Messiah to take precautions to prevent changes.

        Xu Zhengjie’s affairs are always a knot in his mind.

        In the past few days, he has been asking Xiao Feng’s query results every day.

        It’s just that Wang Qingyu didn’t check it at all.


        Xiao Qin, who didn’t want to get married, nodded immediately when Levi Garrison said this, “Brother-in-law, I listen to you!”

        “No! Levi Garrison, are you crazy? You said the wedding was delayed because of the delay!”

        “You said that today is not a good day, is it?”

        “Where are you going?”


        Everyone asked.

        Even Zoey looked at Levi Garrison’s eyes a bit strange.

        Doesn’t Levi Garrison want Xiao Qin to marry out?

        Levi Garrison said seriously: “I think the astronomical phenomenon is a bit wrong. Today is not a good day and it is not suitable for marriage!”

        “Fart, is today the best day for marriage?”

        “Levi Garrison, don’t be sensational at this time! Get out of the way!”

        “What? Change your mind now?”


        No one cares about Levi Garrison.

        Everyone just regarded him as a joke.

        Xiao Qin also has no idea.

        Only make up and change clothes.

        About six o’clock, Wang Qingyu came to Xiao’s home with the wedding team to pick up Xiao Qin.

        “Xiao Qin, I’m here to pick you up! Let’s go!”

        Wang Qingyu shouted.

        It’s just that Xiao Qin stood there, not moving.

        “Xiao Qin is gone! What are you doing?”

        Wang Qingyu raised his pitch suddenly, and glanced at Levi Garrison intentionally or unintentionally.

        He was threatening Xiao Qin.


        Xiao Qin took a deep breath and took a deep look at Levi Garrison.

        This makes Levi Garrison feel a little strange.

        Why do these two look at themselves?


        Xiao Qin resolutely got into the wedding car.

        Only then did Wang Qingyu smile with satisfaction.

        Soon in the loud sound of gongs and drums.

        The wedding car slowly left everyone’s sight.

        Time came to seven o’clock in the morning in a blink of an eye.


        “Boom boom!”


        Suddenly, a signal flare from the border of Erudia took off and exploded.


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