The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1664


      Everyone pointed the finger at Levi Garrison.

      Even Li Songkui who was hiding in hiding was also accusing Levi Garrison.

      Everyone is on the same moral high ground.

      “You don’t even dare to fart at a moment like Levi Garrison! Are you a man? Are you Erudia’s warrior? What are you protecting?”

      Suddenly Levi Garrison’s eyes burst into cold light: “Guard with your fist!”


      Everyone was taken aback first.

      Then everyone burst into laughter.

      Are you an ordinary person holding a fist?

      It’s hilarious!

      “Zoey, sister, you haven’t practiced at home yet, you don’t need to go, I can go!”  

      Levi Garrison approached.

      “Huh? Are you going?”

      “Then why don’t you go now?”

      Everyone questioned.

      Levi Garrison sneered: “I’m waiting for someone!”

      “Hahaha, dare not go or dare not go, I didn’t find an excuse like that!”

      Zoey ignored the others and insisted: “Levi, let me go now, you are optimistic about the child!”

      Mia also echoed: “Yes, don’t worry, brother, we have nothing to do! Master taught us how to escape!”

      No one can stop the tempers of these two people.

      I’m going.

      At this moment, the people from Wushuang City came.

      The third elder of Zoey’s master, directly said: “Wu Shuang City ordered that no one can participate in the disputes of Erudia.”

      “Go, you two will go back with me!”

      Wushuang City had just received the message that the evil sects and crooks who had been overwhelmed by the Domination Alliance issued 

a warning to the martial arts world.

      If that force or warrior participates in the dispute between Erudia and the Domination Alliance, they will be hunted down collectively.

      These crooked ways are all stronger than the Black God Sect.

      Almost every force has a supreme-level Sixth Heavenly Powerhouse in charge.

      Plus their dozens of evil forces unite.

      Who is not afraid of Erudia’s warriors?

      Wushuang City is even more scared.

      If you provoke these evil clans, you will be wiped out every minute.

      So Wushuang City gave this order deliberately.

      Let the three elders take Zoey and Mia away.

      They have a genius like Levilia, so they can hide and store their strength.

      Why go to participate?

      In this way, Zoey and the two were forcibly taken away.

      At this time, there are constant messages coming.

      All the second line of defense was breached.

      The third line of defense has also been smashed.

      The fourth line of defense is also threatened.

      The reinforcements sent by Messiah finally arrived and fought against the enemy.

      Messiah was also idle, and continued to win over Erudia’s supreme powers and forces.

      Actively persuade them to join Erudia and resist foreign enemies together.

      But the evil folks have warned them a long time ago, and few people can agree to them.

      In the ancestral home of the Li family.

      Levi Garrison was still waiting.

      There was more and more ridicule around.

      “Levi Garrison, can you look like a man?”

      Zhang Wentao pressed.

      Levi Garrison was happy: “You talk about me day by day, what about yourself? Why don’t you go to the battlefield?”

      “We…we are different from you!”

      “What’s the difference? Aren’t they all of Erudia’s people?”

      Levi Garrison asked rhetorically.

      “Yes, we are the citizens of Erudia, Erudia should protect us. But you used to be Erudia’s God of War, and a veteran like you should be on the 

battlefield at this time!”

      “Hahaha, what a double standard! Keep talking about others, but when it comes to yourself, it’s another rhetoric!”

      Levi Garrison laughed wildly.

      At this moment, there was a loud rumbling noise outside.

      “Please come out of the mountain side by side!”


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